A Little Life Update

Oh hey, what’s up?!

Even though I post on here every day (and Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter, too, of course), sometimes I feel like it’s hard to go into the random everyday life details. They might not fit into to a particular post or make sense to stand on they’re own. That’s actually a challenge I deal with because there are so many different platforms to post on. A lot of stuff falls through the cracks!

So here are some little tidbits from the past few weeks:

ONE // Busy

I’ve been trying to not use the “b” word, but man, life is crazy right now. The good kind of crazy thankfully. I think I was overly concerned about filling my days/weekends that I ended up biting off more than I can chew. I’m grateful for everything, but I’d love a day or two to just do nothing. Like, sit on the couch, not take a shower or shave my legs or do my hair or put on makeup. I’m sure a day like that will pop up, but right now I’m go-go-going. When this goes up, I’ll be in Aspen to spend a few days with my friend Victoria (Little V if you’ve been around for a long time) for her birthday.

Also, my friend Nicole was in town last weekend and even though it was a short trip, we made every minute together count. Plus more fun stuff coming up! I have a lot to look forward to and that’s making these dreary winter days so much more bearable!

TWO // The Dogs

The dogs have both had this horrible little stomach bug… when one clears up the other one gets it. They’ve been getting chicken and rice breakfasts and dinners to help settle their stomach and I’m praying that we’re at the end of it all. Once I get back from my trip, I won’t be traveling for a while so I can really make sure we get it under control. (Just because I’m sure someone will freak, I took the dogs to the vet and it’s all normal!) Other than the upset stomachs, which I’m sure is much more of an inconvenience for me than them haha, they’re doing great. Ham turned one a few weeks ago and I simply can’t believe it. In retrospect, getting a second dog wasn’t the best move, but it’s impossible not to love him to pieces anyway. Teddy and Ham also have been getting along so well. Even though I don’t love dropping them off for boarding or daycare, they love it and I think it’s really helped them “bond” as brothers. The employees there always comment that they don’t leave each other’s sides.

THREE // Dating

So I’m addressing this to just acknowledge that I’m not addressing this. Maybe I will down the road, but right now I’m not. I’ve been very overwhelmed with everyone’s kind messages and emails (and even the not so kind ones), but I just don’t want to talk publicly about anything right now. I hope you understand that I’m doing this for my privacy as well as everyone else’s. I wish I could sit down and grab a cup of coffee with every single one of you to chat, but I don’t want to have it online. Thank you for being respectful of that for me– and everyone else involved! I will say… life is good though!

FOUR // Netflix

I can’t lie here, I’ve been watching way more television than I normally do. I haven’t been reading as much, which makes me feel kind of guilty, but these shows have sucked me in. I recently finished The O.A. on Netflix and omg it was crazy and weird but highly entertaining. And then I started watching The Mindy Project. Even though I’ve seen an episode here and there, I never sat down to fully commit. It’s hilarious!!! Why did it take me so long?

FIVE // Working out

I know I’ve already mentioned my workouts recently, but I’m in the process of putting together a bigger series. I am brainstorming ideas to shoot/film and I’d love to know what you’re most interested in or what you’d like to see the most. As an extremely unathletic person, I feel like the general “spin” on the posts is going to be, “If I can do it, so can you.” Nothing too hard or crazy because, let’s face it, I don’t do anything too hard or crazy. No marathon training over here, thankyouverymuch.

I have been getting questions via Snapchat about what classes I’ve been doing, so I’ll do a quick recap here. The main workout I do is an hour long class that meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s an “intro to strengthtraining” class and it’s gotten progressively harder (in a good way) since I started. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing in the gym so it’s great to have a trainer lead the classes and instruct the proper use of various equipment. Mondays are leg days, Wednesdays are arms, and Friday is full body. Every class is different, which makes it more enjoyable. Some days we use machines, other days we use free weights, and sometimes we use the torturous TRX straps. We always end each class with core/ab work and good stretches. This is hands down the class that has been the most beneficial for me in terms of seeing actual results. (I am sore every day of the week now…) On any given week, I can generally attend two of the three classes with my schedule, and then I’ll also do a yoga class and/or a fun class with my friends who also belong to the gym. So far we’ve done boxing, barre, and trampoline classes together.


A bit random, but as someone who has struggled with unruly hair her entire life, nothing makes me happier right now than getting a compliment from someone about my hair looking good. Embarrassing to admit, but that’s the truth. The fact that I’m blow drying it myself and it looks at least 80% professionally done has been a huge game changer. Reading this book by Drybar’s founder Alli Webb was a “lightbulb” moment for me on how to manage those tricky roundbrushes.

Okay I think those are all the updates I can think of right now. Things have been really on the up and up. Good business, good friends, good experiences. Feeling good overall– hopefully not jinxing myself here! How’s life treating you guys?


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Thanks for sharing Carly! These updates makes it feel less of a reader-blogger relationship and more of a friendship. Sending lots of love!


I’m happy that things are going well for you and totally respect your privacy in that area! Good on you being active with your workouts, I really need to get off my butt and do it too! Isn’t Netflix just SO addictive?

Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

Beth A.

I also enjoy your life update posts, as I’ve been around since the days of Little V and Sporty Sister 😂 I’ve recently gotten sucked into The O.A as well, what a crazy show!

Allie N

Carly, your posts feel like a coffee chat with an older sister/mentor/friend all wrapped up in one! Thank you for your authenticity and for sharing your life with us. I really appreciate it! 🙂

Emily S

I loved this little update on your life! I think we can all agree that you deserve your privacy particularly when it involves other people. I’m so happy you’ve found a workout you enjoy, I seriously think it’s amazing how something like that can change your life. Oh and I also love your new hair!


Glad to hear you’re doing well, Carly and it looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on. You don’t owe anybody an explanation!


I really love this post, Carly! I think updates like this are such a great way to connect with your readers! Definitely consider doing this once every month or so. I am glad things are going so well for you! As for fitness, I would love to see some more posts on your routine, motivation, and tips on eating healthy/cutting back on sugar as you’ve mentioned!

Taylor |


I really really want to try a boxing class, but it sounds kinda scary…lol. Did you enjoy it?

Megan Kelly

Cosign. Proud of you, Carly. Just because you’re a public figure doesn’t make the ins and outs of your life a free-for-all. Keep protecting yourself. The members of your community don’t expect anything less.


^^^ THIS

You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone because it is frankly NO ONES DARN BUSINESS. You know everyone will always have your back on maintaining your privacy and anyone who doesn’t respect that needs a swift lesson!!! I’m so happy you’re healing and have such respect for your craft!!


First time commenter…great to read, so glad that everything is looking up. Your positive attitude is infectious, not just to others but also to your own future thoughts. Keep up the good work! And I think your hair does look great – it’s a really nice length for you and looks smooth and fresh.


So glad you posted this! It seems like we hear so much from you on the blog and all of your social media, but I still always find myself wondering HOW you’re really doing. Glad you’re well and can’t wait to hear about all these exciting things coming up. xo.

Aislinn Santoyo

I have to congratulate you because not many bloggers have the capability to be as open as you are with your personal life yet as poised an proffesional. I truly feel your blog is the perfect balance which I admire. Keep it up. And yes it would be amazing to have a coffee with you and get into the details, but I think the way you are handling that topic is the best. Girl Power right there! Hope you enjoy your trip to Aspen and hope the pups get well soon!
Love from HTX


You deserve as much privacy as you want! You are such an inspiration and put so much of your life in the public eye for us to enjoy with you and so deserve to have a private life. P.S. your hair does look fabulous!!
-Allie from Sand and Coral

A Girl, A Style

Yay, I loved this and reading how happy you seem! January was kind of a blow to my system and routine and I struggled to not feel overwhelmed by everything, but things are starting to get back on track this month and I’m feeling good.

I’ve been trying to get back into a nightly routine of reading for 30 minutes before bed (which I really fell off the wagon with last year), but have also been hibernating with lots of great old movies and TV series – Frequency, Designated Survivor and Scandal, and re-watching Gossip Girl, Friends and The West Wing for the hundredth time (if you haven’t seen that I’d highly recommend it!).

Sending lots of love across the Atlantic!

Briony xox


Strength training will only help with blowing out your own hair (or, as I refer to it: ‘arm day’, lol). I’ll definitely have to check out that book, though. Round brushing is tricky business!

Chandler Quarles

This is a great update! Thank you for sharing. I really respect the way you are handling the dating issue…we all know you will share if & when you were ready, but good for you in taking the high road and giving it time and space before posting anything on the internet! Also, I’ve started working out consistently/intentionally for the first time this past few months, and it’s amazing how good it makes me feel! I love seeing your journey of doing the same thing!


Carly, I loved this post! It’s so nice to hear what you’ve been up to. You’ve really been inspiring me to get it together with my own blog and with my exercise routine, so thank you!


Glad to hear you are doing so great girl! I’ve followed your blog for years and I have to say your posts for the past month have been better than ever! I totally applaud you for keeping a little bit of your life for yourself (dating). Wishing you all the happiness (:


Thanks for sharing the Drybar book! I’ve never mastered the round brush (they make it look so easy!) either. Definitely picking up that book soon!


Thanks for sharing, Carly! I’ve always loved hearing about your life updates – and funnily enough, I was thinking to myself just the other day that I couldn’t remember exactly when you made the switch from using names like Sporty Sister to their real names. I guess that means I’ve been around for a while, doesn’t it? Anyways, it’s so nice to hear that you’re doing so well!

Taylor |


Love these updates. Totally makes it feel like a much more personal blogger/reader relationship! I’m happy to be one more person thrown into the mix in complete support of your privacy! You are such an inspiration!


Carly, this update made me so happy. I have been trying to work out more regularly too (you definitely inspired me) and I’m going to check out some of those strength training classes. I’m glad you’re enjoying your busy schedule! Hope your day of nothing arrives soon 🙂


Carly I met you at the HOCR this past fall and honest to god one of the things that I was like, oh wow, over was how shiny and beautiful your hair was! I know we all have our things that we battle with image wise, but your hair I have always thought was lovely <3


I love reading your updates! My favorite bloggers are the ones who give life updates- and sort of like someone else in the comments said, it makes me feel like I’m catching up with an old friend when I read them. We’re all rooting for you to do well, and I’m glad things are on the up and up- you deserve it 🙂


It would be so fun to see a youtube video about your work out experience, or a vlog of one of your trampoline classes! 🙂 that sounds so fun!

This life update has been one of my favorite posts! Maybe a new periodic thing?


Glad to hear everything is looking up! Super excited to follow along as you start posting your workout related content. Also- agree with whomever complimented you… Your hair has been looking great lately. Again- so happy things are going well for you! Enjoy Aspen 🙂 XO


I have been reading your blog for years now(like maybe since 2011?), but I’m not one too comment too much. But I felt like I needed to tell you I feel like you are my friend 🙂 haha I truly look forward to reading your posts everyday and seeing what you are up to! You are very refreshing and real and I so appreciate that. You really do seem like you are doing well and that you are happy and I love that! I love being happy, and when I see other people doing the same it makes me even happier.


Try unsweetened canned pumpkin mixed with plan Greek yogurt for the dogs 😊. Works for mine every time (he’s got a week stomach). We actually found out that chicken doesn’t work well with his stomach


Carly, posts like this have made me fall in love with your blog all over again! I’m a long-time reader, a *sometimes* commenter, and an avid social media follower. I can’t get enough of your posts lately! Hoping to someday meet you, and sad I’ve missed the times you’ve been to D.C. (though I’ve only lived here for 5 months now). Happy that you seem so happy with how everything is going! Keep it up, and you go girl!


I really liked this little post — just a slightly more personal (but you should take as much privacy as you want!!) peek into the overall picture. Thanks for sharing with us.


I seriously love updates. I’ve been following you for years, you are an awesome role model, like the older sister I always wanted.


Glad to hear you are feeling and exuding these positive vibes Carly! You have the perfect recipe: friends, travel, puppies, great time management, and above all, the genius/goofiness of Mindy!

I highly recommend reading her first book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” — it is hilarious, random, and so relatable (and a quick read!)



I wish you all the best Carly! I think you’re one of the most kind, genuine, and respectable bloggers out there! I don’t remember how I found your blog but I’ve been following for years and just love you! Also, you should try The Travelers on Netflix, it gets super addicting and it’s so good!!!


Carly! I absolutely love posts like this which give your blog a personal touch on top of the fabulous content!
For the upcoming workout post series, you should include your day-to-day eating habits that go along with your workout routine!!


I love these little life updates! That’s horrible that you’ve gotten some not-so-nice messages about all the dating stuff 🙁 I’m totally with you on the Netflix front! I just finished a book, but now I’m having a hard time picking up another one because I’ve gotten sucked into *so* many new shows! Also, love group strength training classes! I get super bored with home workouts and I never know if I’m on the right track so it’s great to go to a class that takes the guesswork away!

xo, Sofia


You’re one of the most approachable bloggers I’ve been following for a long time (I think it’s been 3+ years since I first happened upon your blog). Thank you for always being honest and real with us, Carly! So glad to hear you’re taking care of yourself and that you’re powering on through. Your readers will always support you <3

Continue to be the realest!
Ali from Chicago