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I’ve been doing a lot of travel between Connecticut and the city where I have to lug as much as I can with me in a tote. It’s a little more intense than just going into an office since I really have to bring as much as I would possibly need without the respite of a fully stocked desk on the other end of the train.

I love the totes I have now, but I am in the market for a great black tote. A lot of the bags I’ve rounded up come in a great black, but as I was pulling images, I realized that there were so many options that fit a professional style without being boring and black. Loving all the colors!!!

Tori Tote (I’ve bought two for my sister!) // Cameron Street Jenson // York Buckle Tote

Scalloped Leather Tote // Faux Leather Shopper (under $65) // Jessica Leather Tote 

Transport Tote // 13-Inch Tote (insane organization) // All Day Tote

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Amy Schwartz

If you haven’t tried the Dagne Dover tote yet, I highly recommend! I have a Mini Tote and a Tiny Tote. It’s so smart and functional – you would love the way DD maximizes your space! It’s not the lightest bag, but the organization makes up for it!


Thanks for the tip!! I’ve been looking at them for awhile but didn’t know anyone who’s tried the brand! Looks like such a great work bag –– I think I’ll pull the trigger on one soon as a new work bag.


I highly recommend! My boyfriend got me one for Christmas and I am IN LOVE. I highly recommend the 13″. All of the colors are gorgeous but I have the navy one and I <3 it!

Shayla McMurray

So I decided to finally do it and purchase a Dagne Dover bag!! I will be graduating in May, and I like a no-nonsense work bag. I find that things like Tory Burch or Kate Spade are really not as functional as this type of work bag, and anything higher priced than that is too flashy in an office.

Annnyyyway, PLEASE NOTE I got 10% off my Dagne Dover order with discount code INNERCIRCLE. Just to share with others 🙂


I’ve been on the hunt for a new work purse too… The one I use the most right now is the Coach borough bag because it fits my laptop perfect and I like the box shape. But since it has some suede on it, I figure I need another one for the warmer weather coming up. I’ve been thinking about the Madewell tote bags lately but saw so many people already carrying it. Have you looked into any of the new startup like brands like Everlane, Lo&Sons or Dagne Dover? I got so many targeted ads from them lately, but not sure how good they really are.

Julia || Closet de Jules || Recent Post – This Season’s Cutest Bags

Allie N

I’m a big fan of Lo&Sons! I have the leather crossbody (The Pearl) and the OMG, which is perfect for a work/travel bag! The OMG would be really good if you think you might travel for work.


Hi Carly,

I love your bag selection! Make sure to also check out Knomo London https://www.knomobags.com/uk/ Their bags are very stylish and simply the BEST for travel – the bag for true Electronistas!

Have a great day – greetings from Germany, Sarah


Heads up that Dagne Dover is releasing an updated bag this spring! It is supposed to be lighter and more durable. I’m holding out on my next work bag purchase for the updated edition!


I was all for the Faux Leather Shopper until I read the reviews about the bad smell.

I have had luck at Banana Republic and hope that next season they will come out with a great one!

Have a great weekend, Carly!


I just received a vintage Ralph Lauren Blackwatch Plaid tote for Christmas and i love it!!!


LOVE love love all of these bags Carly! I’m in definite need of a go-to purse and these are some great picks!

Xo, Kate // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com


Totes are my favorite bags to carry! I have the All Day Tote and carry it everyday. It seems to fit everything, stands upright when I sit it down, and as a bonus, it can be monogrammed. Great roundup!


I have the Kate Spade Cameron Street Jenson and LOVE IT! Such a reliable bag, no matter how much crap I throw into it. The middle zipper is big enough for my laptop which I love. Great choice!


I love these bags, I personally love a good large size long champ bag. They can fit anything, I use mine as a school bag and I love it.
Xo, Kelsey | petiteinherpearls.blogspot.com


The Tory Burch York Tote is my go-to bag! I have it in tan and use it year round when I know i’ll have a long work day (and need to fill my bag with snacks haha) but it’s also perfect because it has plenty of pockets, including a laptop sleeve!


Definitely watch for sales too! I’ve had cheap but cute totes from Target that fall apart within a couple weeks, and I have a Kate Spade one that I’ve used constantly for over a year that looks brand new. I got a second Kate Spade tote in the surprise sale and saved over $200 — well worth it if it holds up nearly as well as my smaller purse has!


I’m obsessed with my Nylon tote from Brics that I got for college!! For me, a zipper is essential or else I get paranoid about things falling out. I actually featured the tote on a blog post I wrote this week ☺️
xx Lizzie // beantownblush.blogspot.com


I heard about Lo and Sons (I think) from you – and bought their Seville tote for work. It’s the best!!! The interchangeable shells are awesome and it has great organization. I’ve convinced a few co-workers to buy it too 🙂