Little Miss is 21!

Little V is 21!!! She has the best birthday present: Another SNOW DAY! I can’t imagine having school for the rest of the week too… Outside my window is just a wall of WHITE!

Little V’s older brother (who lives in DC too) organized a whole big surprise party for her. While she was out to dinner with her family, we all gathered in the house and decorated. Her mom did the cutest champagne toast ever!

Piña Coladas seemed only fitting!

Some coxswain love.

Too fun!

Little V just texted me saying she had math homework emailed out that’s due by noon! Yuck! Not a good way to spend the morning of your birthday!

We have practice at 11:30, but honestly, I’m afraid to leave my room! It looks so snowy and super windy!

PS Know someone who is having a 21st birthday? Make some of these!

PPS I can’t wait to put Little V’s birthday present up here. She checks the blog, so I have to wait until she opens!

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