Snow Day Take 2

Last night, we all decided to do a Game Night (even though it’s a typical Friday night tradition… it seemed fitting since we didn’t have school). We played Cranium, but it was moving pretty slowly since people were wandering in and out. Although, I had to draw a mailbox with my eyes closed and it was a pretty epically good mailbox, if I do say so myself.

Most of us have blackberries, so we were anxiously awaiting the email declaring classes canceled. When mine buzzed (I always keep mine on vibrate, I don’t even know what my ringtone is!), we all crossed our fingers. Here’s what you would have heard if you were in the house with us:

  • Me: EMAIL!
  • Everyone: Please, please, please, please!!!
  • Everyone: AHHHH!
  • Me: [As I open the email] NO SCHOOL
So, here I am. Sitting in Matt’s room. He’s trying to find good songs, but he should be working on his German presentation. I’m kinda getting bored of not having a set schedule. I haven’t had classes since Thursday! And I did all my homework for the week when I still thought we would have school.

I just uploaded pictures from yesterday’s snowday to my facebook page. California Funk and I tried to build a snowman on our own, but we needed some extra assistance. I mean, he’s from LA and I’m from Florida after all!

Our snowman!

Vineyard Vines hat, of course. And gumball eyes and nose and mouth.

Taller than me!
The boys were in charge of rolling the two bottom balls. I was in charge of the head.
Me and California Funk with our snowman. Again, please note his shoes. He seriously needs some bean boots!

We’re supposed to be getting between 10 and 20 inches between today and tomorrow. Yikes! I’m not sure how much more of this I can take!

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Love your snowman… perhaps when your Snow Day Take 3 comes (which of course is very soon) you will have even more pictures to post…cabin fever setting in yet??? Sounds like you won't have school the rest of the week or Government running in your fair city of D.C. Tee!Hee!


What a great snowman! The closest I got this past storm was digging my car out. This storm tonight is going to be huge, my best friend is down at Catholic and they haven't had classes since Friday. Stay warm!


I think the only day classes were cancelled in my college career was one year the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoyed your day off. We had early release today (which NEVER happens). I am a teacher and took a sick day today and it figures we had early release. 😉