I’m currently sitting in the library with California Funk. He’s doing homework; I’m sitting here catching up on blogs, listening to pandora (Hey, Soul Sister by Train station… haha, that’s funny), gchatting (I’m obsessed with Gchat, add me if you ever want to chat: collegeprepster [at] gmail [dot] com), and reading Post Secret’s Sunday Secrets.

Why aren’t we in class? Well, that’s because school was canceled due to the state of the roads right now. TOO MUCH SNOW. I couldn’t believe how much snow we got. I didn’t think we would be getting much more snow after the December 19th storm, but I guess I was wrong!

I went out to dinner with a friend on Friday night. I was panicking about how we were going to get to the restaurant because it was snowing so hard. We ended up finding a cab right on M Street (conveniently right near the J. Crew). Dinner was really fun. But then we had to find a cab back, which was way harder than the way there. I swear we got one of five cabs running!

Needless to say, our 7 am practice was canceled Saturday morning. I spent most of the day indoors wearing my sweats and slippers! It finally stopped snowing at about 5ish, so we all went outside to play!

Walkway between the quad and the dining hall.
Photo by California Funk
Photo by California Funk
Just some of my favorite freshman bro-wers.
California Funk and 1 of 292o8 snowballs he threw.

Hello, Georgetown.

Thanks, CF.

Note my appropriate footwear and CF’s I’m-From-LA-We-Don’t-Have-Snow shoes.

California Funk is an amazing photographer! I, along with a bunch of our friends, am OBSESSED with this picture. It’s downright beautiful. I’m really into symmetry, what Type A College Prepster isn’t afterall, and this picture is so perfect.

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I think California Funk should get credit for all of the other photos he took in this post…


These are fantastic pictures Carly…I am with you on the last one CF took, Sometimes a storm brings on some quiet, serene and inspirational moments in life. Thank you for such a beautiful post!!!


SO pretty! My moms been calling me and telling me all about the snow in MD and I can't believe it!! PS- Love the new signature!!


That picture is gorgeous!! Looks like you had fun in the snow! We had a snow day here in Virginia and I am praying for another one Wednesday. Can you believe there is another storm coming?? Have a fabulous night! xoxo


oh that last pic is amazing!! you two are very cute together – feel free to introduce me to one of your many frosh rowers tho!! (jk…i think i'm too old for them hehe)