Kind of a random post today… but I’m searching for a little pouch to use on an everyday basis. I mostly carry around my diaper bag in lieu of a handbag most of the time lately, but I like to keep my personal items in a small pouch so they’re separate from everything else. If I’m running into a store, I can just bring the small pouch with me and leave the whole diaper bag behind. Or if I’m switching to a handbag, I can just grab the pouch and pop that into the handbag. I’ve been using a cosmetic case I received in a beauty press mailer, but it wasn’t designed to be used as heavily as I was using it and the zipper snapped off! Now I’m on the hunt for a replacement…

Below are some options I’ve looked at. I think, ultimately, I’m debating between this classic pouch or one of these simple canvas ones!


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I love these little pouches! I have a few small Longchamp pouches that I keep everything in! They are so cute and I find they fit everything perfectly.