LITTLE V: Yoga, Yoga!

I made Little V write this post even though she’s been sick as a (down) dog!
In one issue of Prep Talk, Carly provided all of us with the wonderful advice of her rowing coach: “Focus on the Task at Hand.”   When I, like Carly, have a thousand thoughts streaming around in my head, and need to clarify things, I head down to the yoga studio for an hour of power.  Once you walk in that door, you are committed to an invigorating session.  You can’t check your phone, listen to your iPod, or text friends.  When practicing in a yoga studio, you can feel the energy in the room.  Many of the different poses also have cleansing effects, as toxins literally leave your body.
The best part: when I leave the yoga studio, I am so focused and clear-headed.  Even if I come back from the 7:45 class, I feel motivated to check that task off my list I’ve been meaning to do, whether it’s writing a draft paper, sending an email, or cleaning the house! 
So where does Dormtique come in-  I mentioned before, the hardest part about a yoga class is walking out your house and into the studio.  Once you are committed to the practice, you won’t regret it.  But sometimes it’s hard to leave the house when you have 15 things to check off your list.  Surely you don’t have time to go practice yoga for 90 minutes, right?  Wrong. 
Well if you are looking for inspiration to go practice on your mat, Dormtique’s My Custom Yoga Mat has the answer.  For just $35, you can create your own custom embroidered yoga mat in whatever colors and styles you want.  Little V’s mat is a fun turquoise (which is so in!) with a pink monogram of my initials. 
These mats, in addition to being visually stunning, are also completely practical- they are almost twice as thick as some of the cheap mats studios rent.  The mat came dressed to a tee with cute satin ribbons.  Dormtique also sells matching custom embroidered yoga mat bags.
I bet you all are wondering if the College Prepster is a yogi too?  No, definitely not.  But I did drag her to a practice once!
PS  I did try yoga… but seriously, I did not like the sweaty guy next to me, I could focus or relax!

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Lilly for Law School

Love the mat…. Just started a yoga a few weeks ago and fell in love!!!
Love following your blog! You have the cutest posts 🙂

I'm new to the blogging world come stop by my blog!!!

Sundresses and Smiles

i'm not huge into yoga, but one of my favorite workouts is a class at our gym called cy-yo. it has 45 minutes of cycle followed by 20 or so minutes of yoga! a full hour of yoga gets boring to me, but that 20 minutes at the end is the perfect cool down and stretch and i leave feeling SO relaxed!


My aunt (literally) dragged me to a bikram yoga studio in the Bronx last year. It turned me off to the idea of yoga all together. I'm from Miami, I don't need more heat!

Thanks to Little V and her cute mat, I just Googled 'yoga' and found a (non-bikram) studio ridiculously close to my house. I think it's time to give it another shot- I need to chill.


That's an adorable mat! I don't really do yoga that much, but I did a little of it this summer on the lake with my then-bf Max; he was a lot better than me, but it was fun!