school spirit

Summer is almost here…  I’ve been trying to do whatever it takes to stay motivated.  I mean, summer is the epitome of fun: beaches, sun, pleasure reading, tans, and NO SCHOOL.
To keep my mind from wandering to the wonderful daydreams of summer, I have been trying to focus on SCHOOL SPIRIT.
In second grade, the entire class did this thing called Mitchell Mall.  We had partners and made our own little business stands.  Soda, popcorn balls, origami, creepy crawlers (it was the ’90s), raffle tickets, etc. were sold in the mall.  My partner and I set up a shop called “School Spirit Stuff.”  We spent hours making everything by hand to sell!
So, that’s the theme for this post.  Handmade School Spirit Stuff.
Hand painted earrings by The Gameday Girls
Wooden bangles by Valorie Art & Accessories
Roll Tide Hairbow by Bow Peep Bows
Florida State Purse by Bat0702
Periodic Table Pillows- Auntie’s Chic Shack
Auburn Canvas by LolliArt
Cheerleader Uniform oil painting by Dorothy Art
Final exams, project, and papers?  Bring it.
We’re ready.

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I LOVE the FSU tote! I'm a 'Canes/Golden Panthers girl, but I can dig the garnet and gold.

I really like that you can customize things with etsy sellers. VS PINK doesn't offer a line for FIU and I'm dying to get my hands on navy and gold.

Madison (Schlepper Chic)

sooooo much school spirit here at Uw-Madison!! GUESS WHAT? I'm moving to DC this summer… know anyone who wants a subletter at Georgetown?

follow my blog! I'm going to keep posting about those rain boots


This is all so cute! Motivation is also killin' me right now! All I want to do is go outside and do anything but school work! Ps–love the pink and green all throughout your blog!