Little V!

Little V came to Tampa!!!
Tampa was the last stop on her world-wide tour…. London, California, Montana, TAMPA!  After spending multiple nights outdoors- and sometimes without even a tent- Little V got to enjoy the comforts of South Tampa… aka shopping, swimming, and eating.
We did the outlets in Orlando (complete with a trip to Downtown Disney for a 4pm lunch) and the malls of Tampa.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything, but Little V stocked up on TONS of crewcuts clothing.  We think she should start investing.
We went and saw Monte Carlo and now we are both convinced we should go to Paris and dance in a fancy hotel room to Mika.  We watched some OC seasons one and two.  And a few episodes of The Glee Project!!!
And, obviously, a visit from Little V definitely means some outfit coordination pictures!

(I rubbed some of my cat lady ways onto Little V!)

I was so happy that Little V came to visit.  I had so much fun!!!!!!!

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what is the name of the dress little v is wearing?! i love it! your girls look so cute!!!