Wow… July is flying by!!!  The 21st already?!?
Kate Spade announced their color(s) of the month a while ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting about it.  Well, I’m sure you’ve already read in an email, or on their website, or Tumblr, or a tweet, or wherever.
I love that they chose Black and White!  I mean, technically they’re not colors… but everything looks better in black and white.
Old photographs, new photographs, photostrips, cars, dresses, shoes…. but photographs especially.  When we upgraded our middle school yearbook from b&w pictures to color, the staff and I were so excited.  Now I’m wishing we had stuck with the black and white as the pictures look classier and timeless!!!
I love using photo editors to turn my pictures into black and white.  In fact, my new profile picture on Facebook is a b&w of my mom and me!
All-time favorite picture of baby Sporty Sister and College Prepster
(check out those jellies)
Christmas Card picture from forever ago
Loving the black and whites 🙂
And obviously I couldn’t leave out some of my top picks from Kate Spade!


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Tallahassee Belle

I'm loving Kate Spade's year of "Living in Color." Although the black and white is always classy and fun (I absolutely love b&w photos), June's month of gold is so far my favorite. Not only is my birthday month, but it's also a school color and looks great with my skin tone!! 🙂 I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has to offer.


♡ bAs

Agreed! I love black and white pictures! I just put one up today. There is just something about them. I just started wearing black, I used to hate it. I do like mixing white and black though.