When I grow up…

… I wanna be famous.
Uh, just kidding.
(By the way- if that song isn’t stuck in your head right now… I give you major props.)
A little eighth grader emailed me this past week asking a bunch of questions.  One of which was what I wanted to be when I grow up…. “even though [I’m] a grown up already.”  Up until recently, the thought of being a grown up has been not only terrifying, but an event way far out into the future.  Now… it’s sort of comforting.  
  • When I get out of the shower, I slip into a robe to put my makeup on.
  • I’m asking for a coffee maker for my birthday.
  • I’d rather stay in on a Saturday night than go out.  Wait, who am I kidding… I’ve always been like that.
  • Researching companies and looking into different industries for a career is a daily task.
  • If I see a city mentioned in a newspaper article, I automatically add it to my list of places to look into for living and working.
  • I’ve picked out names for a dog that doesn’t exist yet.  Which is even weirder considering I’ve never been a dog person before!
  • I can call and talk to someone on the phone and order at a restaurant (more) comfortably.

It’s not even that I’m doing these seemingly grown up things.  It’s not even that I have more and more grey hairs every day.  It’s not even that I don’t wear bows or tie ribbons in my hair.  It’s not even that I’m turning 22 in September.  I actually feel older.  My bedroom at home now feels like a museum of my childhood… in a creepy kind of way.
My six year old neighbor demands to know who my boyfriend is and when I’m getting married and when I’m having babies.  I am, after all, turning 22 which is practically ancient in six year old terms.  Poor Abby was so disappointed that I have neither a boyfriend nor plans for marriage.
So “when I grow up” is pretty much right around the corner.  Less than one year from now I’ll be a graduate (if everything goes as planned) of Georgetown and a member of the Real World.
What do I want to do?
No idea…. yet.

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This post is right on the money for me, every time I go to pay a bill or take my car in for service or talk to a potential future employer I feel like such a grown up (which is really wierd for me!) Just like you said, even my bedroom at home feels so different.

Legally Brunette Kate

I just graduated in May and I'm going through the same thing. I'm starting law school in less than a month and every time I stop to think about it I get weirded out. I was watching The Social Network and the idea that the characters were younger than me was soooo weird.


I feel your pain, I will be turning 22 in September as well. This whole year of being 21 has gone super fast. What day is your birthday?!


Aww, you're a doll! Don't stress. I can honestly say growing up is a step-by-step process. Each one filled with excitement and growth. You have a lot of time to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! I promise.
My son is your age (yes, I'm an old lady!) and is facing many of the same questions as you. He's a guy though (they're much more laid back than us chicks) and still manages to live in the moment. Don't forget to have fun. Growing up is forever. God bless you and yeehaw on your getting closer to graduation!!


Aw, that's really sweet! I'm only a rising sophomore and I already am feeling the pressures, because I was recently at a summer program at Georgetown with rising seniors who were asking me what I wanted to do. I know what you mean by "No idea!", haha!


I'm only 18 and I feel so old already. I feel so out of place…I suppose we all feel this way at some level.


What date is your birthday? Mine is in September too, so, just wondering!


Don't stress too much- it took me a few years in the Real World to actually figure out what I want to do and I know I wasn't alone! Just enjoy the rest of college, plan for a future but realize its never set in stone.