Southern Living

Do you read this magazine?  I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, and finally got our temperamental scanner to work.
I’m not going to do a lot of writing- I really think the scans speak for themselves.
(Also, are you sick of me yet??? Haha, I may be a little sick of myself!)
Little Boys in vineyard vines swim trunks!

I spy with my little eye…. Jack Rogers!

Bikini Point!!! haha I love that sign!!!
Do you subscribe?  What’d you think of this issue???

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I love it! I always flip through it when im in Home Depot with my dad, and I love their articles about home decor! It seems to be the magazine for that southern lively sweetness we all need. And i love the outfit styling they put together!


I loved this issue! Ripped that picture of the breakfast nook right out & tucked it away for future reference! Also completely in love with the seersucker skirt(which I've been planning on making for myself in my head ever since spotting it)!


I love Southern Living magazine & thought this issue was great! The boys in the matching swim trunks are precious!


I love love loved this issue! I used some of the peaches recipes on the 4th of July and everyone loved them at our annual cookout.

I have every intention of getting a subscription in the fall (once I'm back on campus). I find a least one recipe in every issue that I fall in love with and I rip over several pages each month to be tucked away into my journal for future decorating or party-hosting.

My Life as A Plate

I love Southern Living! My mom subscribes so I always just steal the magazines from her when she is done. Although a lot of it is gardening/house stuff, there are always a lot of great recipes, DIY craft ideas, and fashion tips that I love


I prefer Southern Living to Cosmo. Problem? Probably! I love everything about it – mainly that it features places that are close to where I live!


I know my mom used to have a subscription to this magazine, but I'm not sure whether or not she still does. Anyway, I love those mugs!


I actually am a Midwest Living girl, haha! Cute scans, though, I might have to pick up a copy sometime.

Tallahassee Belle

I just began reading Southern Living this summer, and I have to say… I'm hooked!! They always have the most darling articles that everyone, not just Southern girls, can enjoy.
Although I'm subscribed to it right now, I know that I'm going to have add myself to its mailing list in the very near future.