Little Valentine’s Day Gifts

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So Valentine’s Day is kind of one of those holidays I have a love/hate relationship with. I’m not too big into holidays in general, and Valentine’s Day is nice. For starters, it’s all about pink. And hearts. And love. So what’s not to love about all that? But all the pressure around gifts and being perfectly romantic can be downright stressful! So I’m declaring this Valentine’s Day the day to tell your friends how much you love them.
Brilliant, right? Because friends are the ones who are always by your side for years and years and years. They’re the ones who you can wear sweatpants around… and skip make up… and watch the cheesiest movies… and laugh so hard you end up on the floor.
Why not celebrate those girlfriends in your life? 
I saw these little gifts in Ann Taylor this weekend. The drawings are darling. This iPhone case says, “Small things can make big days.” It comes in three colors, but I’m totally a sucker for her red striped shirt. Maybe matching iPhone cases can be the new friendship necklace!
Having a girls’ date is the best way to share your appreciation for her friendship. Either head to your favorite nail salon… or have fun at home on your own. These Bobbi Brown nail polishes are so bright and so fun! I love Bobbi Brown makeup, so I’m sure the nail polishes have to be amazing.
These teeny tiny notebooks are great for aspiring writers and/or obsessive to-do listers. They’re bright and fun and oh-so-Kate-Spade. Split between you and your two besties! (I think they’d be great for writing down favorite friend moments… Sisterhood of the Traveling Notebooks?)
I’ve yet to meet a girl who doesn’t love a cute little Zebra. Rifle Paper Co. always has the best doodles and this “Get it Done” notepad is no exception. The motivational notepad is great for any friend who is the next big thing. If she’s the girl who burns the midnight oil, perfects the sixth (and final) draft of a college paper, or is building her own mini (or grand) empire, this is for her.
Who says jewelry has to come from your S.O.? Bauble Bar has you covered. Nautical earrings in Valentine’s Day red will be a fun way to tell her how much you appreciate her friendship. 
How will you show your girlfriends that you love them?

PS Homemade photostrips with favorite friend pictures will also work!
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I like these ideas a lot. Although I do want to warn everyone here about those Bauble Bar earrings. I bought them when they were available in navy blue and they are terrible quality. Like honestly I've not only seen nicer quality at Forever 21 in jewelry, but these also should have been priced at about $1.50. If that tells you anything about them.

Haley Hoewt

i actually have that exact rifle paper pad. it's so darn cute! I have a serious obsession with cute notepads and flags and cute paper in general. but my new favorite paper company would have to be "Girl of All Work." everything there is just precious!

Angela Alvin

Apart from anniversary presents, it's not a secret that rounding up gift ideas for guys in honor of Valentine's Day is the toughest challenge we face. These gestures have to be original, thoughtful and specific to your special someone. Luckily we've got the scoop on 10 beautifully crafted gifts that should make him smile. Happy shopping!

Julia D.

Such cute ideas! I think Valentine's Day is a great way to celebrate love in all the forms it appears in your life, and since friendship is one of the most stable relationships, this is perfect.

Emily Reed

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