Valentine’s Day Curls

Remember back in December when I declared that I wasn’t going to straighten my hair for an entire month? Well, the 31 days came and went. And when I finally straightened my hair, it was kind of… disappointing. First of all, it took a lot longer than I remembered it taking. I had to wake up a few minutes earlier and I was a little bit more rushed when getting dressed. Secondly, the day I straightened my hair it happened to be foggy outside. I’m talking 100% humidity and thick, dense air. I had to pull my hair into a tight low ponytail just to tame the impending flyaways.
Straightened hair after a month of curls

It was as frustrating as it was eye opening. I went right back to my curls!!!
So on an everyday basis, I’m all for the natural hair. (I’m definitely going to do a post on my opinions on that… it’s totally more than just hair.) But, for special occasions, I think it’s more than okay to pull out the blow drier, the straightener, or the curling iron. (Or even book that appointment at Dry Bar for a blow out!) is like the place for all things hair related. They have given me the absolute best blow drier and straightener in the past, so I was super excited when they offered to send me a curling iron. I’m not as well-versed in curling irons, so it definitely took me a practice round before getting the hang of it. And even then, I still am not totally comfortable with the process. But I do love the results!

So here’s the ridiculous video of me trying to figure this out.
Okay yea. I’m kind of obsessed with the big curls!!!
I think that the big curls from the curling iron are perfect for a Valentine’s Day date… and the curling iron is a fun little present!
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I have naturally curly/poofy/frizzy hair and it also took me a long time to figure out curling irons… Honestly you'll be wowed at the results if you use the curling iron starting from curly instead of starting from straight- you'll get way more volume and a longer hold! I usually touch up with a straightener near the roots when I'm done but the overall result is lovely. Just a tip from someone who's struggled 🙂

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I have naturally wavy hair so I feel your pain on how fog, humidity, rain, snow, whatever can ruin a good straightening! I highly recommend BB Beach Spray! It adds salt water to your hair that seems to hold style better than hairspray. And if your hair is ruined by the elements the salt water keeps it from frizzing / getting weird and just letting out pretty curls Best $25 I spend bi-monthly.