Living Room Inspiration

This room is going to take a while to fully put together. It’s all in the details, of course, but most furniture just takes ~forever~ to deliver. I wanted to live in the house for a little bit before I tackled this room. We did the kitchen and family room first. Working on the master currently. Then the living room. Then the guest room. And finally, my office.

I struggled with what direction to go with this space for a while. It’s obviously a living room, but it’s very narrow. Well, technically, it’s wide! But there’s a staircase, the opening for the dining room, a doorway into the kitchen/family room, and the front door. Because of how people would flow through the room to the various entry/exit points AND where the fireplace is located, it leaves very little wiggle room for what’s possible.

Living Room Before and After

I apparently took a photo in the same spot on the stairs of the living room the first day I toured the house and the day we moved in! It’s a really lovely space, just tight width-wise. Originally, I thought I’d do the same kind of layout that they had staged. But Kira convinced me to go with two chairs instead.  I had to measure and re-measure the room four times over to make sure I could get everything to fit.

For the design of the room… I had a few different initial plans.

This is what I whipped up while daydreaming of our house before I knew if we were going to actually be able to close or not. And then I went in a completely different direction with a slightly bolder rug.

But here’s the thing. I started to panic thinking that this was the room that we’d absolutely have a Christmas tree in. This sounds insane, I realize, but I didn’t want anything to potentially clash with Christmas decorations 😂. One day I was stressed out about unrelated things and you know what I couldn’t stop thinking about when I was lying in bed that night? The damn living room and a CHRISTMAS TREE. I went back to the drawing board and really tried to channel my inner Mark D Sikes. Like the watered down version of Mark D Sikes, that is. (I love his style, but I’m after a more practical “regular” vibe, ha!)

I know it sounds nuts, but not going with just blue and white feels quite outside my comfort zone 😂 Who knew neutrals could be so thrilling!

Okay so here’s the plan!


Living Room


York Slope Arm Loveseat in Oatmeal // Coffee Table // Chairs // Rug

I’m not fully committed to the accessories, but including them here for the overall vibe I’m going for:

Floor Lamps // Artwork // Ginger Jars // Bamboo Frames // Topiaries // Pillows

I’m kind of excited to see it come to life over the next few months as things get delivered… Here’s to hoping we actually have a living room to celebrate Christmas in!!!

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I like your original plan better and I don’t think it would clash with a Christmas tree lol. I would opt for two chairs instead of the 2nd sofa though. Loving these home posts!


You know an empty room with the fireplace going, a Christmas tree decorated and lit up a rug and some throw pillows on the floor could be a really incredibly cozy and sweet Christmas tableaux


Every apartment I’ve lived in I thought about where I’d put my Christmas tree! I love the look of both, very timeless.


I love that you thought of the Christmas tree! I have done the same sort of thinking in our half-decorated living room! 😂

Judge Ruthie

Take a look at The Enchanted Home’s exquisite blue and white Xmas decorations and tree. First design is lovely. Too much oatmeal in the second one. It has no personality whatsoever.


I’m loving the home posts, Carly! I just moved into my first post-college apartment and I’m feeling your pain on how long it takes to ship furniture. My couch is from Ikea so it’ll only take a week and a half to arrive, but it feels like forever!


Oh, and the best thing about neutrals is you can change pillow covers and completely change the look of the room. I stick with a neutral rug too so it never clashes with pillows. So fun to change accessories! And plants will bring a lot of life and personality too. Or simply fresh flowers!


I recently bought a house too and when we were doing viewings one of the things I’d always think was “where do you put the Christmas tree?”. That’s how I’d figure out if it was a place I could really see us living in. I think both of your ideas are great and cater to any seasons decorating!