Diary No. 13

This has been a fun two weeks of travel and visitors! Some iPhone snaps:

Lake House

Mike’s family’s boathouse is dreamy. We spent most of the (extra long) weekend up there playing ping pong, reading, and looking out at the water. I have to say… why on earth is ping pong so fun?! Could have played for hours!


I also spent a lot of the weekend getting extra baby snuggles. Is there a better feeling than a heavy sleeping baby? I can’t think of anything! It was also so much cooler than I was expecting it to be. It was so blazing hot down here, I couldn’t imagine anything below 90 degrees when I packed. Spent the whole weekend rotating through the sweatshirt and sweater I brought and wore the same pair of jeans every day!

Blueberry Picking

On one afternoon, I went down to a local farm to pick blueberries with Abby. She was making two cobblers and we picked six pounds of blueberries. And those six pounds of blueberries were only $12!!! I was so paranoid about the sun, so I went for a very chic (LOL) outfit of yoga pants and a sun shirt!


We got back from the lake and I went to pick up the dogs and then Meesh arrived an hour later! Her original trip had been postponed due to canceled flights so it was nice to finally have her visiting!! As you can see, the dogs loved having her here as much as I did!!!! We spent the few days she was here finishing up some projects around the house, making countless trips to Home Depot in the process!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of the things we did together was picking out a fiddle leaf fig for the dining room! We potted it in a chinoiserie pot and I just love how it brightens up the spot. We hosted a dinner with Mike’s sister, brother in law, and nieces with my mom. Love having a dining room to host in!!!


After my mom left, I went into the city with Mike for a happy hour with friends. If you can believe it, this was my first trip back into the city since moving! Between traveling and moving, I hadn’t been able to commit to anything in the city meeting or socializing wise until now. We missed a rainstorm by about twenty minutes and lucked out with a gorgeous evening. Nothing like sitting outside on a late summer night.


I spent four hours in our backyard mowing and weeding. We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming along! This weekend, I’m putting together the outdoor dining furniture, which will be another tedious project. (And I’m buying a big push broom to sweep that dang patio. The rake wasn’t cutting it.)

Painting Buns

Maddie came over to help me paint our master bedroom. She is the queen of DIY and we have a list of projects to work on in the house together. In fact, I’ve convinced her to do a few projects with me to document here!!

Cambridge Papers

Last but not least– these cute personalized trays from a local store here in Madison called Cambridge Street Papers. I’ve been walking by this place nearly every day and finally popped in. It was so cute inside. Will definitely be going there for gifts in the future!!

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You are just thriving in the ‘burbs and I LOVE IT. Your content has been giving me so much joy lately because you seem so in your element.


ditch the broom and buy a battery operated blower from Lowes or Home Depot. The batteries are interchangeable with other tools as well like a hedge trimmer or weed wacker. If you are going to be mowing they also interchange with new battery operated mowers. They work great!! quieter than gas.


If you ever take a page out of the Young House Love powerwashing handbook now that you’ve got a home to find things to power wash, you’ve gotta hit us with the super satisfying instagram story.


Hi Carly,
I just wanted to drop in and say that I bought that J Crew Factory navy slip dress for an upcoming wedding in Calif. wine country, it came today and it’s SO perfect! I looked at your slip dress styling posts for inspo (to dress it up and down) before I took the plunge and ordered 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

Kirsten Celeste

I love these snapshots of your week Carly! You’re already really great at being transparent and sharing the many things happening in your life but this shows us the in-between. =)


Hi Carly,
Just a suggestion: If you don’t have a leaf blower yet, I highly suggest getting one. It may make cleaning off your patio much faster and easier. There are some lightweight Ryobi ones at Home Depot. Hope you find this useful.


I love Diary posts! Happy to see that life is good; thanks for sharing all these little moments!