Madewell LOVE

Madewell just opened up in Georgetown!!!
This is terrible.  Terrible for my bank account, that is.
Seriously though, it is AMAZING.  The store is so…. fresh.  It’s long and narrow and very “Georgetown,” but with a spin.  The first time I walked into the store, my eyes literally wouldn’t stop darting around trying to take in everything.
Store aesthetics aside, the clothes are TDF.  I want everything.  (Not an exaggeration.)  See how this might be a problem?!
Two Madewell student ambassadors asked me to come visit the store.  Obviously, I did not turn them down.  Any opportunity to shop, right?
Have you ever been to a Madewell?  Let me give you a teeny tiny virtual tour.
(Side note: The pictures actually don’t even begin to cover the depth and greatness of the store!)

Apparently, these Widelegger jeans are the hottest seller.  Maybe a smidge too “fashion forward” for me… but I definitely want to try them on!

Stripes? Check. Lime green? Check. Pocket? Check. Super cute zipper detail? LOVE.

The denim bar!  How cute of an idea is that?  And in-house hemming… perfect for this short-legged prepster haha

Oh goodness… the stack possibilities are endless….

Don’t you guys think this would be a good late winter/early spring staple?  The jacket will keep you warm, but it doesn’t scream, “WINTER!”

Oh dear… the shoes.  THE SHOES!!!  My favorite part of the entire store.  Seriously the most amazing boots, flats, heels, oxfords… everything!

These are the ones I have my eye on!

The two ambassadors pulled their favorite spring looks.  So perfect.
Check out those Oxford Slingbacks– how cool???

I had so much fun touring the store and checking out the spring fashions.  If you don’t have a Madewell near you, definitely check out the website.  The “Looks They Love” section is great for inspiration!
PS Thank you Meghan and Jordan!

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That jacket is so cute! I have a similar one that I got at Ann Taylor Loft last spring, but after seeing this one I'm thinking I may have to upgrade for 2011…


Dying for a pair of oxford slingbacks! Goodness me, now that Madewell is in Georgetown, I have a feeling my bank account will be diminished as well! Love this post! I had no idea they just opened! Thanks so much for sharing love!


I love love love love love LOVE Madewell. I went into one near Baltimore last summer & became OBSESSED. I have to shop online though since they don't have any shops in Chicago.


Madewell is my favorite store!! They have GREAT sales as well. I love their accessories and their basic tees. The jeans are amazing and so are the boots. Scarves.. speak for themselves. In the spring/summer they have really cute rompers. Everything is PERFECT.



Madewell is a better made version of Urban Outfitters, which is not preppy. It is no Anthropology which is an upscale version of Urban. Madewell is not a preppy store, it is more hipster than anything because it is the "new" Urban.


I still need to make in into the Madewell store in Georgetown. Now if the weather would just warm up a little bit more I might be able to make the treck from my Capitol Hill bubble!


I LOVE Madewell, they have the best stuff. We don't have a store near us, but that one looks amazzzing.

I love the stack possibilities! I may have to post some of my stacks on my blog….inspiration by you of course!!