Spring Break Wishes

I wish I was going on a spring break trip.
I wish I had had this little cottage booked in Seaside.

I wish I had this little tote stocked with beach reads and goodies.

I wish I had this tunic to cover my sure to be sunburned skin.
I wish I had this little swim suit (and maybe her abs too) to dive into the pool in.
(by the way… Lilly, I love you, but this picture is a bit strange.)
Sad, Sad.  I will be having a virtual spring break!  Little V and I might just crank up the heat and pretend we’re in Mexico… or something.  At least no sunburns…. right???
We are staying in Georgetown for spring training.  It’s actually a lot of fun, but definitely no trip to the beach!
Please please please let me know what you are up to!!!  I swear I’m going to be living vicariously through your trips.
PS Have fun this spring break… but be safe too!!!

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my favorite place in the world. i will go there one spring break, but this year, i think i'll just pretend like i'm there and keep it as my computer background.


I'm going on a Service Immersion Trip to Belize City, Belize. To build a 16 x 16 house for a family in need! It's my second alternative spring break and I'm super super super excited. Last year we painted the house pink and green 🙂


I am going to Naples with my boyfriend for the week before rushing home the last two days to Pittsburgh to celebrate my sisters wedding shower! I can't wait to lay on the beach with my derby hat protecting my fair skin from freckling while reading ahead for my Globalization class (currently reading: Ecological Intelligence). Not to mention, downtown Naples where I have been dying to explore, the amazing restaurants, and of course their lovely outlets.


Leaving for Harbour Island tomorrow a.m.! My suitcase is all packed up with Lilly Lilly Lilly (dresses, scarf, bikinis, beach coverup/tunic, shorts) 🙂
Then the second week of vacation I will also be doing spring training for crew!
Have fun with your boys at spring training!

Always Something

I too cannot go anywhere for spring break; I have to work an internship for school this semester and I do not have a vaccation. Your sweet post makes it a little bit better though!

I love the aesthetic of your blog 🙂


I wish I had a spring break as well! Unfortunately, that is the bad thing about entering the "real world"


I love that cottage, I wish I was going there too. I'm gonna be here in DC, just chilling in Spring Valley doing reading and papers. Good times.


Don't worry, I'm going home to CT for job stuff (boo no fun) and then I'll be back early for work. The best part of spring break, is just being able to relax and not having any work 🙂


I am so happy to find a blog written by someone who does crew! Don't worry, I will be on the Schuylkill River, having two a days for my spring break too! It is worth it girl!

katelyn w

I have to work, wah wah, but maybe I will crank up the heat and put on that awesome bathing suit and walk around the house and pretend. A girl can dream right?


Oh, that is too bad. The tote is adorable, too! And yes, the Lilly picture is a bit odd, to say the least.

elle and em

We were just thinking the other day how nice it was to have spring break in college…hmmm maybe we should have freshman year of real world spring break?