My Last Spring Break

I’ve had plenty of spring “breaks,” but my last spring break vacation was my junior year of high school.  Because crew is a spring sport, the one week vacation is prime practice time.
My junior year, I skipped spring training (big deal at the time, not so big of a deal now…) and went to Seaside, FL with my family.  The trip was so much fun.  I’m actually extremely glad I skipped two-a-days, it’s so hard to figure out family vacations now with crazy schedules.
Everything about Seaside is just so perfect.  Cottages nestled and tucked around every corner.  Cruiser bikes are the main mode of transportation.  Fine sand and turquoise water.
Our family vacations are very laid back.  Late mornings, long meals, and lots of relaxing!
We almost always vacation at the beach!  Which is great… for about 30 minutes for me.  And then I’m sunburned and miserable.  This is pretty much what I look like every second down by the gulf.  Completely covered head to toe.  But doing it in style of course!!!
Vera Bradley Towel?  Check.  Lilly Pulitzer tote filled with books?  Check.  Lacoste Hat?  Check.
(Side note: If I remember correctly, I spent the entire vacation reading the six assigned books for class…. oh, junior year.)
Sporty Sister was super teet teet back then!  Precious.
Seriously beautiful water!
Did you think I was exaggerating by the time I spend under the umbrella???  Also, really digging my Wake Forest t-shirt… again, Oh, junior year!
I really want a day with absolutely nothing on the agenda.  Sand and water optional, but highly recommended.
Ohhh and good food.  Definitely non-negotiable!
By the looks of the picture, I think people would never guess that Sporty Sister and I are related.  I’m glowing… and not in a good way!!
Keep your Spring Break stories and plans coming… I seriously am living vicariously through you guys.

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I am so living vicariously through everyone else as well! I have to say I LOVE that Vera Bradley towel and Lacoste hat. Too cute!!! It looks like it was a great time and I miss beach trips with the fam soooo much! I love your blog!!! Too cute!


My family goes to Rosemary Beach about 15 minutes away every year! I recognize some of the places and the feel of the beaches in your pictures.


That looks nice; I've spent many a spring break on the gulf coast myself (particularly Long Boat Key). This year is my older sister's "last" spring break, so my family decided to go to Paris. I'm really excited for it, since I don't remember much from my first trip there!

Madison Luskin

senior in college going on my LAST spring break to spain with the boyfriend!! so awesome 🙂 so excited 🙂 thanks for sharing about ur spring breaks….

any easy fashion advise for an undergrad on spring break in europe?