Making Friends in a New City

Earlier this week, I met up with Mackenzie and Fred for drinks after (my) work. Considering they both work for themselves (#entrepreneurship), I made them coordinate around my schedule… and location. Because sometimes I’m just high-maintenance like that.
It’s always fun to catch up with other bloggers (even if you just spent all weekend with them). Of course, it’s also fun when one of the bloggers happens to be a photographer. Convincing him take our pictures is seriously half the fun.

I’m really happy to have this little (and she really is little at just barely 5′ 2″) one nearby in the city!!! One of the hardest things about moving to a new city was the idea of having to make friends. I knew a bunch of people who lived here… but they weren’t really close friends. It seemed like my entire graduating class of Georgetown swarmed to New York. I had family friends. And a few older girls from my high school. But friends, in my opinion, are what make a city truly your home. (That, and your local “spot”….)
I made quick friends with everyone I work with, which is a huge help. However, you definitely need friends outside of work. (Especially when you work in a tech start up. Things can get crazy and sometimes you just need your space and someone to talk to about everything and anything besides work.) Blogging in general has absolutely been a wonderful way to make friends. Most of the girls that I’m friends with are people who I “met” initially by following along on their blogs. Then Twitter. Then meeting at some crazy “blogger” event. The friends I’ve made have make all the drama around blogs (yes, blog drama exists… sadly) worth it.
We have mutual interests. We understand what each of us means when we say our email inboxes give us anxiety. We are okay with putting the word “hashtag” in front of words randomly during a conversation. And we are so supportive of standing on a chair to get that Instagram just right. The blogging community has really been a fun networking community for myself.
My friends in NYC make this bustling city feel smaller and even (dare I say it…) quaint.
Some of my non-blogging friends have made friends through religious organizations, volunteering, the Junior League, and even just friends with the girls next door.
How have you made friends in a new city?

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This fall, I moved all the way across the country (from Austin to Boston) for grad school. Luckily, I moved here with my college roommate. But even with the built-in security blanket of having her here, I still really wanted to branch out and make new friends as well. The best advice I got regarding making friends in a new city is "just say yes", because if you say no to a new invitation, you might not get another one. Whether someone invited me to try a new restaurant, go shopping, or go to a lecture or networking event, I made an effort to "say yes", get out of my comfort zone, and just go. Eight months later, I am glad to say that this process paid off 🙂

Clare Conway

The main way I make friends is by playing sports. When I interned the past two summers, I made sure I signed up for after work volleyball. I never turn down the opportunity to play in a three on three basketball tournament or an open gym. Recently, I've had the itch to become a serious runner and I've been looking into running groups to join, which will be another great way to make friends!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

Have you thought about joining the Junior League? I joined (in DC at the time) at your age and have made most of my close friends that way. I know you are super crazy busy with very little down time. But I think you might really enjoy the opportunity to do some community work and network with a new group of women. The JLNYC is huge and has so many opportunities. Plus, when you are in the JL, you are able to transfer to other leagues if you ever move to a new city or country. Instant friends and resources! I think making friends as an out of school adult is sooo difficult- you should look into it.


CT Cupcake

I second joining the Junior League, it's a great way to meet other ladies and give back to the community. When I first moved to my current city, my office was very small with only one other woman. Through Junior League, I met a ton of other friends, and for me it was crucial to meet people outside of my line of work. Looking back, I wish I spent more time in my middle 20's away from work.


I definitely plan on joining the Junior League once I get out of law school. Hopefully I will meet some friends at my new job also. I am studying abroad next semester and I am going all by myself so I am definitely nervous but hopefully I will become fast friends with my roommates (whoever they turn out to be) and the other exchange students!

Alexandra Steinmetz

New York can definitely be a challenging city to make friends in. I'm lucky in that a couple of my best girlfriends from Montana actually moved here as well, but I've loved the ability to make friends with people from all over that came to New York to start their life! I wouldn't trade the community I've built here for anything!


I definitely am really close with two of my coworkers – one works in my team and the other works in a different team – and it's really nice that we can talk about work. But I wish I had a close friend outside of work I could hang out with.

I do have a group of friends from my sorority alumnae group, but none that are close enough yet I can just call up on Saturday morning to go out to brunch with. I know it'll happen soon/eventually, so I'm just enjoying the ride in the meantime!

carelessly graceful


i have lived in the same city my whole life but really want to move. the thing i am most worried about is making friends. finding quality friends is really hard. it looks like you have found a great friend in mackenzie! you are lucky to have her!

Cairee Alyse

Having moved cross-country twice I have a lot of experience with this. The first time I wasn't so lucky and barely made any worthwhile friendships in three years. It was hard. This time, I was so much luckier. Met one awesome lady who introduced me to her whole circle and we all fit together well. So thankful for that!

Julia D.

Moved across the country once for school and am now doing it again for summer work, so this post is SUPER relevant to my life right now. This will be the first time I'm living right IN a city so I'm excited about the potential for meeting new people.