Mask Round Up Vol. 2

Is it too soon for another round up of masks?! This is a “life and style” blog and, frankly, right now I think masks are the most important “accessory” you can buy right now. Right now I’m realizing how much easier it is to have an arsenal of masks. I had been cycling through a few and they were constantly having to be in and out of the wash. Having a bunch, like underwear, is way easier.

I made this mask myself with this fabric! But this is a similar option

Plus, I can’t lie, I legitimately have fun matching my outfits 💁🏻‍♀️ Every day I see another brand coming out with cuter and cuter options.

PS I bought these little “baskets” for masks. I heard they can help with comfort and keep the fabric a little more away from your skin which can also help with mask-ne! I’ve heard a lot of teachers are using these too as a tip!!

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The CDC & infectious disease experts are cautioning against the use of face mask brackets…. FYI.


Loved to read and the way you cut the masks really compliments your face.

Can I order some in black at your business? Lol.


I purchased the Bauble Bar masks and would not recommend them. They do not pass the lighter test.

Rachel C

We have a ridiculous amount of masks and just ordered some more! My husband and I both like to coordinate with our clothes, so the more options, the better! Plus, like underwear and pjs, I like to be able to go a week or more without being dependent on doing laundry.

Side note – our favorites are from Mizzen & Main and Twillory. They are made from menswear fabric. So pretty! And breathable!


No lie, I literally changed shirts the other day because I didn’t have a mask that matched it. Coordinating masks to outfits is just too fun!


Would love to hear how the baskets work. I have the hardest time with my glasses fogging.


I purchased the baskets and I like them. I think if you mask fits tightly with the basket in it you should be okay.


I love the Tory Burch ones too! Another awesome thing about her masks…they aren’t making a profit on them! They are charging the cost to make the mask and then donating $10 – $5 to Covid relief and $5 to the Tory Burch foundation for each sale! So they benefit a good cause too!