On My Radar

This week was… just another week here. I definitely spent too much time watching the news, but was also kept pretty busy with work. I’m grateful for a full plate right now as it’s keeping me busy and distracted.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Super Simple Chicken Tikka Masala

I have to share this recipe with you guys. I have been craving Indian food and found this recipe through Pinterest. I also tried to make naan at home which turned out less great. (Next time I’ll just buy that from the store ha!) But the tikka masala??? SO. GOOD. It was much easier to make than I was expecting– I always feel wary when a recipe requires a food processor but it was a breeze. It made quite a bit of leftovers too and honestly tasted even better the following day. Highly recommend!

TWO // Embroidery Files

In addition to getting super into sewing during quarantine, I’ve also been putting my machine to good use for the embroidery too. It’s addicting. I want to embroider everything… NOTHING IS SAFE! I found this Etsy shop that is chock full of super cute embroidery files… I favorited a ton. Enter at your own risk.

THREE // Cotton Candy Recipes

Full disclosure, I would never (ever) try any of these recipes. My teeth hurt just watching. However, that didn’t stop me from watching this video in its entirety. Slightly ridiculous, very impractical recipes but entertaining and fun to watch regardless!

FOUR // H&M Tweed Jacket

Okay H&M is kind of knocking it out of the park right now. How cute is this navy tweedish jacket? So chic. They also have this Chanel inspired jacket + skirt set that could not be cuter. All the heart eyes!!!

FIVE // Casey Neistat & Candace Pool’s LA Home

I love Casey Neistat’s Youtube channel and was selfishly sad when he moved from NYC to LA just because I loved how he captured New York City on film. But, I’m so into their LA home. Such a fun mix of classics and midcentury modern vibes. So very LA!

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I’ve been looking at that jacket too! I’ll have to check out that Etsy shop for embroidery patterns!

The Career Edit

That H&M teed jacket looks so good! Also, I second you on Casey’s move, but wow, their LA house is indeed so beautiful! I am surprised by how much they leaned on wallpapers and patterns for the decor – I really did not think it was up their alley – but it turned out so good! Love love it!

The Career Edit