Meet and Greet in DC!

Oh! I’m so excited to let you know that I’m coming to Washington, DC on March 1! My friend Brittney and I met in DC when I went to Georgetown… even though we grew up in the same town in Florida. Now we make little dates every time we’re both in NYC or both in Tampa. She recently started her blog Hosting and Toasting to share the amazing parties and events she throws. (As someone who wouldn’t even know where to begin, I’m always beyond impressed with BAC’s event planning talent!)
Brittney was in NYC a couple of months ago and she offered to host a meet and greet for TCP in Washington, DC. I can’t believe the event is right around the corner!!! I hope you can make it! The event will take place at Patisserie Poupon on March 1 in Georgetown from 1:30-3:30; RSVP here please!
PS How cute is the invitation?! My favorite girls Nico and Lala did it!
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I saw this post while I was sitting in lecture waiting for my professor. I couldn't wait until the end to RSVP, so I did it while he was talking. I'm so excited about this event! Thank you for the opportunity.