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My travel schedule is crazy the next few months– I don’t even know what happened. Little trips starting popping up and now we have things completely booked starting this weekend with our trip to Bonaire through basically Thanksgiving.
Because of this, I realized I should get a head start on 2016 travels. Which includes meet and greets!!!
I’m definitely going to do at least one in the first half of next year, but need to know where to go! I have a general sense of popular cities/states with TCP readers and fans. That said, I thought it’d be fun to make it a little bit of a contest. (Also helpful for me to know where there’s a lot of interest!)
So… where should I go next year?! Vote for your location by filling out this quick survey! (Please don’t submit more than once, I changed the preferences so you didn’t have to sign in with google because it was getting weird, but play by the rules here!)


PS Please use the form for meet and greet responses. All other comments and inquiries can be left as a comment or sent to me in an email!

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I started reading your blog not too long ago, and I'm in love with it! 🙂 By FAR my favorite blog, especially since I'll be moving to NYC at the end of next year and love reading about all your experiences while you've lived there. 🙂 And I would love to meet you anywhere in the Los Angeles/San Diego/Orange County areas!