Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Garrett was supposed to work every day and got a last minute switch. We were invited to our friends’ house for a barbecue and I’m so thankful he was able to make it! (And the pups were invited to tag along too!)
With a big trip on the horizon, it was nice to lay low and just relax with friends. We sat outside on their deck for hours just chatting and laughing and eating… but mostly eating. Grilled corn, steak, hot dogs, asparagus, quinoa and quite a few desserts.
Not even going to pretend like my heart doesn’t burst into two million pieces with these boys– all three of ’em.
When this dress debuted at fashion week last fall, I knew it would be at the top of my wishlist. I got a hint of when it was going to go online and I legitimately set an alert on my calendar. It sold out so quickly so I’m glad I snagged it in time. This weekend was the perfect weather for it. Also, the striped clutch seemed like a no-brainer for the patriotic touch.
If you’re looking for something similar, here are a few options:

The dogs loved playing in the backyard. Garrett and I had such a great time, but Teddy and Hamilton, without a doubt, had a better time. By the end of the night, they each found a lap to snuggle in!
Also, how absolutely adorable do they look with their summer cuts! Haha!

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Maya Schuller

LOVE the gingham maxi!! I just realized gingham is actually rarer in maxi form like this. Idk if it's just me but I feel like I see it most often on little summer shorts or shorter dresses. I love that the extra length adds to the romantic, classic vibe of the fabric!

This is such a cute family portrait session!!

Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed