Why Writing Is Good for Your Soul, Public or Not

I think one thing that Maxie and I can really bond over is our love of writing. It’s something we both just get about each other, and we love to talk about it. 
The weird thing is that I never liked to write. In school, it was a chore. Give me a math problem and I was happy. Give me a writing prompt and I was uninterested. When my freshman year wasn’t working out the way I envisioned that it would, I started this blog as a creative outlet. I didn’t know what I was doing but writing (even a few short words throughout the week) began to transform my entire experience. Finally, I was able to process how I was feeling and found a true outlet for my emotions. And it worked!!! I’ve always, always said this, but my blog (and really the writing) saved me.
Why Writing Is Good for Your Soul, Public or Not
Guest post by Maxie McCoy

One of the first things we all learn to do in school is write. Eventually, we move from stringing our letters together to diaries, emails, google docs and sometimes to blogs the entire world can see. No matter what level of visibility you’re comfortable with, the mediums for getting your writing down and your thoughts out there feel limitless. 
Growing up my dad used always to tell me that “I should write those stories down in my journal.” Because I’d want the memories one day. And because I’d enjoy looking back on how my life, opinions, and experiences felt from the perspective only had by someone writing a thing as it was happening. I never really took that advice to heart. And I typically only journaled consistently when I was traveling. But then I launched my blog and my commitment to writing had never been so strong. Along with that, the benefits to writing became clearer and clearer. 
Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or you have no freaking clue what you’re doing with a pen or keyboard, writing is fairy dust for the mind and glitter for the soul. (And therapy you won’t pay a dime for). Here’s why:

Writing anchors your memories
Memories change over time. It’s just part of reality. But writing something down preserves not only that thing that happen but how you felt about it, who you were with, and the insights it provided at the moment. You’ll look back on things you wrote and literally forget they had happened until you read them. It’s a beautiful tool to keep together tiny moments and daily memories that characterized your youth, your growing up, and your development. Nostalgic lovers unite!
You’re able to see beyond the surface of life
When you write, you become wildly observant. You start to see life beyond the surface of a series of events happening. You start to weave in your own observations about what’s happening and why. You begin to pull out universal themes and through-lines of the occurrences happening around you. Life feels like it gets a little bit more color when you’re paying attention to it to such a degree that you’re writing about it later.
Processing leads to clarity
Whether you’re an internal processor and like to think things over yourself, or whether your an external processor and like talking things out, writing suffices both parties. You’re able to keep to yourself while still getting your thoughts “out there” to feel your way through whatever is going on. You’ve likely heard the sage advice to write down everything you want to say and then never send it; it’s because writing gives validation to what it is you’re feeling, whether or not someone is on the receiving end of those words doesn’t really matter. Most times it’s helpful just to get it down and to get it processed.
Creativity is core to our humanness
Creativity is really all about creation. And creation is core to what we do as energy on this earth. We create. We create ideas. We create people. We create businesses. We create relationships. We create joy. And writing is not only creation but it’s a highly creative experience. The art of stringing words together, telling stories, and making points requires us to channel our creative self and create. Trust me, we’re all creative and tapping into it feels so good. 
Writing is a gift to your soul. No matter how you partake in it and whether anyone ever reads it or not, consider building it into your life a little bit more. If you’ve wanted to buy that amazing new notebook, or finally get that blog up and running, consider this your sign.

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"Writing is a gift to your soul." <– so true! i feel like writing has allowed me to access parts of myself that i would not have normally (if that makes sense, lol). and, of course, as a long-time reader, your writing is also a gift to me as well 😉 keep writing and being awesome!

Audrey Lin

Writing is so cathartic. And even if you're not looking at it creatively and just looking at it practically, writing is so important no matter what field you're in. You need to be able to express information. Language is so important, and I believe that language is core to our humanness -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I've always loved writing and have blogged on different platforms for over 11 years now. I started blogging in college every day because I thought it would be really good in helping me develop my voice and just in general maintain the skill of being able to write because people don't necessarily end up writing once they're out of school and it's a nice skill to have.

Leda Olia

This post was so needed! Sometimes, when I'm writing my blog I think "Well, who really cares? It's just my little life and I'm sure no one is interested!" But, in reality, my blog is more about me than it is about the people reading it. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my readers and anyone who leaves a comment. But even if no one read and no one commented I'd still be blogging! And that's because, as Maxie so eloquently puts it, "Writing is good for your soul."

Leda xx