Microsoft Touch Mouse

This will likely not come as a surprise…
But I am on the computer a lot.  I spend a minimum of two hours every day just answering emails alone. Add in time spent doing homework.  Add in all the writing I do.  And the end result is basically carpal tunnel.
I’ve always had a weird issue with hand cramping, which is really funny… except that it actually hurts.  Luckily, it hasn’t been an issue as of late, but mostly because I have to find ways to prevent it!  Typing on my phone and using the touchpad on my laptop are two big triggers.
(I’m definitely not giving up texting any time soon… but I do have a solution for the touchpad!)
A wireless computer mouse.  I’ve had an Apple Mighty Mouse, and it’s definitely been a lifesaver.
Since I’m a Windows Blogger, I get to test out cool new products.  It’s honestly like Christmas when something new shows up in the mail!  Most recently, I was sent the Microsoft Touch Mouse to review.
I was skeptical, since I already had a working wireless mouse…. but, I love it.  It has a much better “click” feeling than the Mighty Mouse.

Unlike the Mighty Mouse (which connects via Bluetooth), the Microsoft Touch Mouse has a teeny tiny USB receiver that you plug in.  (You can also use an included cord, but honestly, who uses cords nowadays?)

The shape of the mouse is FAR SUPERIOR to my Mighty Mouse.  It fits the natural curve and shape of your palm.  Instead of “gripping” the mouse, my hand lays perfectly on top, which allows for a much more fluid range of motion.
I read the instructions to figure out what kind of finger motions do what, but it was much easier to just learn by doing!  They make sense, so there’s no need to actually “memorize” the movements.

I was concerned about the little USB connector.  I mean, it’s really small.  How am I going to keep track of the thing?  There’s a little slot on the underside of the mouse where it hides away until you need to use it again– brilliant.

Here’s my Mighty Mouse… it’s currently sitting in the WAY back of a drawer!
The Microsoft Touch Mouse is designed for Windows 7… but it works on the Mac too!  Just plug in the little receiver and turn the mouse on!  This is great since I use both my Mac and PC, but don’t want to have to lug around extra products.  (And I much prefer the Microsoft Touch Mouse, so I’d rather be able to use on my Mac than the Mighty Mouse!)
Disclaimer: I do receive Windows products as a Windows Champion, but all of my reviews are (as always) honest.  My opinions are all my own 🙂

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Have you ever heard of the new Magic Mouse by Apple. It looks similar to the Microsoft one, but its bluetooth, and feel great. Way better than the mighty mouse.

Chelsea Kabelsy

I know this is late considering it's now the middle of February, but I just bought this mouse today and it's awesome! I've just been playing around with it for the last twenty minutes (procrastinating from my reading and studying) and it's so much fun and easy to use! For those who use Windows 7, it's compatible so you can do all sorts of cool things. Definitely worth the $99.95 (Australian) I paid for it 🙂