Missing the Sport

It’s weird… I really never missed crew after I quit. I had an amazing senior year without the sport (truthfully). I definitely do not regret my decision to quit. At all.
However, I kind of do miss it. I think it’s like missing any part of college (sororities, friends, exams– LOL just kidding). While I only watched five seconds of rowing races during the Olympics, crew has been way more on my radar recently.
For starters, I went to the Head of the Charles Regatta. It was really the first time I had immersed myself back into the “rowing world.” And then I wrote this post for the Brooks Brothers’ Blog about the basics of rowing.
Eep! It’s hard to know that I’m probably never going to be in the ninth seat again. (Actually, I really don’t want to ever cox again… but I still do have great memories!)
Has anyone else ever felt like this before with something?
PS Here are some of my old posts from when I raced at Henley!

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Definitely! I am a junior at Miami University and I haven't danced ballet in 4 years! I miss it so much! I'm contemplating taking a dance class here… But! I also want to graduate on time. #sigh



I never did any kind of sport, but I do miss ceramics! I'm now a junior in college and I haven't done any ceramics since I graduated high school. My college doesn't have ceramics (boo!) and, even if it did, I never have the time if I want to graduate/go to grad school. ):

Kelsey Odorczyk

yes yes yes

i quit cheering in college this past summer and although I know i made the right decision and there are definitely things i dont miss, i have such good memories and all of my friends still cheer. i miss the close bond though, not the sport.

i think thats normal, to miss something that was once a major part of your life, even if you dont actually miss….it


I never did a sorority in college because I had done three years of dance team in high school and I wasn't interested in being a part of another all-female group (too much drama!). Looking back, I kind of wish I had, I think I would have had a more memorable college experience and made more long-term friends, but I don't regret it. I still had a lot of fun doing my own thing and figuring it out as I went.


I feel like that EXACTLY with crew! I rowed for four years and I had to quit senior year to concentrate on college applications and my opera career, but I miss it every single day. The best workout in the world and the best team-building!

Kristie C.

I played lacrosse for all four years of high school, got recruited to play in college, but decided last minute to not play anymore. When pictures of my friends playing lacrosse at their colleges show up on my Facebook, I get reminded of how much I really loved the sport and I do miss it sometimes. Ironically, I do crew in college now. I guess having something new to look forward to helps.

Julia D.

I generally try and reflect on what about the activity I miss and go from there. If the activity is still the best, and a viable, way to achieve that in my life then I consider getting involved in it again. Just out of curiousity, if you miss it why wouldn't you ever do it again, just for fun?


I feel exactly the same with rowing too!! I did it ages back in high school (graduated 5 years ago) but had to stop because it completely screwed up my back. I don't necessarily want to row again but I miss the closeness of the team, how much fun it was and even the 5 am starts in the middle of winter. I honestly don't think there is any other sport or activity that has the same closeness to it.

Virginia Melo Ferreira Sousa

I feel the same with rowing too… I quit two years ago, but in summers I always go back to row, it's something too important to me. I could do it also at college now, but it would take lots of my free time and I don't want to do that kind of sacrifice anymore. Anyway, I had the best time ever rowing, unreplaceable memories *-*


My tennis season is over for the year, and I miss it like crazy! I miss the sport, but most of all, chatting with my tennis buds after school. I can't wait for it next fall!

Megan G.

I do miss soccer, marching band, and my sorority. It's great to have something to make great memories with and even if you wanted to quit, I believe you'll always miss it. 🙂