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How to Style Turtlenecks

I have to admit, I’ve never liked turtlenecks…. 
I have horrible memories as a child feeling like I was choking. I have memories of pulling that tight little neck part over my head and having the frizziest, most staticky curls in the world. And, of course, I have memories of that itchy itchy itchyness.
One Christmas (sorry mom…), I got eight turtlenecks. But actually. It was so weird. Eight turtlenecks in eight colors. Even my sister thought it was weird.
One time in eighth grade, I wore a black turtleneck and a Brighton necklace while anchoring the morning show. People called me vampire throughout the day.
One time during the second year of college, I wore a turtleneck and was mistaken for a trashy freshman. Once it was mentioned to me, I couldn’t help but recognize the eery resemblance .. but we only looked alike when I wore that turtleneck!
Anyway… I never used to like them.
But now I do.
There are four key players:
Are you a fan of the turtleneck??? How do you style yours?

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Blake K.

I haven't worn a turtleneck since my mom stopped picking out my clothes for the same horrible memories you mention! My mom always tells me that by the time I got home the neck was all messed up and stretched out because I couldn't take how uncomfortable it was. But I do like the styling with the vest. Maybe it's time to give the turtleneck another shot!
xo, Blake


I also used to hate turtlenecks…but recently grew to love them! They're great for Northeast winters, and I think if worn the right way they look nice. I LOVE the outfits you put together!!

The Cardinal Planner

Haha this brings to mind a joke I once heard about how wearing a turtleneck with a backpack can feel comparable to a very small, weak person jumping on your back and trying to choke you…but I digress lol.
I'm a bit like you–I was definitely not a fan when I was younger, but I can finally appreciate them now! I think they even add a little sophistication to winter outfits. I'm a fan of pairing them with skirts, tights, and either flats or boots. 🙂



Anytime it got remotely cold in Florida my mom made me wear a turtle neck to school! I hated it and felt like I was choking!
These are really cute ways of styling them, especially the striped and cable knit ones!


ah! I wore my first turtleneck of the season today. I don't really like to wear a turtleneck alone, but I like to layer them under other sweaters- nothing keeps me warmer!


UGH I have those same, frizzy hair memories. My mom would always make me wear a black turtleneck with this "kilt" I had and I would always be cranky after!

Jess Ziegler

Uhh same memories here – havent worn a turtleneck since I was about 7. Love how they are styled above but I still dont think I can stand to wear them yet 😉 Maybe in a few years haha.


When I was younger I totally hated turtlenecks too. My neck was so short that my turtlenecks would ride up onto my chin, making my head look like it was just floating there on top of my body. Weird. My mom (who picked them out for me) has a longer neck than I did, so she wore turtlenecks all the time and didn't understand why I hated them! Luckily since then I've grown and I've been looking to give turtlenecks a second chance. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


I've always struggled with how to wear turtlenecks but I love how you've styled them for this post! Thanks for the inspiration!


Brooke Jeter

I love turtlenecks, I probably have 10+ and would love more, I wear pretty much only turtlenecks and button downs to stay warm… my favorite warm style is to wear a turtleneck from either LL bean or J crew with a patagonia better sweater vest, so WARM. Winter style I think (for me) is mostly for warmth so yes… turtle necks are a must.

Julia D.

I used to be the exact same way, but one turtleneck I got as a gift completely changed that. Now I think they're cozy and chic. Love the ways you chose to style them.

Jane Anderson

I love turtlenecks, but, apparently, unlike many people, I want them tight!! I hate when they fall down or are slouchy! Anyone know where I fan get white tight neck turtle neck t shirts?