Cold Weather

Mittens Inspired by Mittens

It is so cold outside! Oh my word. Everyone warned me about New York winters. I wrote them off saying that I had survived the cold in DC just fine. Nope. Way colder here. Not to mention the fact that it’s just the beginning of November. I’m seriously already dreading February. Because I can only imagine how brutal that is going to be!!!
There’s a heater in my apartment, but it’s controlled by the building… not me. And my apartment is seriously colder than the Levo offices. (Levo Leaguers love cold buildings apparently… except for me, that is.) It’s hard to believe that a few short months ago I was sweltering in Florida and even pretty warm in NYC.
Currently, I’m wearing leggings underneath pajama bottoms with a Georgetown long sleeved shirt and a Patagonia pullover. Eep! I think I might subsist on grilled cheeses and tomato soup for the next few months.
While I’m currently in the process of building up a better winter wardrobe, the first thing I really need to work on is MITTENS + GLOVES!
My favorites:
Top to Bottom:
I have a pair of the hobo style mittens from J. Crew. I actually had one pair at the beginning of college (Blackberry days) and loved them. When those had too many holes to be useful, I got the same pair again two years later. Unfortunately, they’re not the best when you have to use an iPhone. (Although, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own tech gloves.)
So while I love mittens, I have to make sure I can use my iPhone. I never updated to the new operating system because I practically eat, sleep, and breathe the Google Maps feature. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to navigating weird/new parts of the city. And I need my fingers and thumbs to be able to work with my mittens.
The Echo Touch gloves are probably going to be the way I end up going. They’re warm, cute, colorful, and iPhonable. But which to choose?
I think the bow ones are the best. I would love a bright, fun color… but let’s face it. I’m predictable and boring. I’ll probably go with the grey.
Which pair is your favorite?

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I remember being at NYC in April (spring break) and it was still 30-40 degrees! I had to wear The North Face's big down jackets just to survive, since Cali never gets that cold! I think if you're looking for compatibility with iPhone, go for touch gloves. I have the "Isotoner Women's Smartouch Matrix Nylon Gloves" it's warm and fuzzy on the inside, like I once wore a t-shirt and these gloves outside and I felt like I was an oven, and is nylon on the outside, so you don't have to worry about your glove getting wet. 🙂


The title of this post made my day, mainly because I watch the 'kittens inspired by kittens' youtube video when I'm having a bad day 🙂

Amanda Le

Hey, Carly,

I really love my Echo Touch gloves (I have a pair of green wool/cashmere with goatskin leather). I definitely would not buy them off of Zappos, though. You can get the same gloves for at least $10 cheaper on Just letting you know!


I live in Wisconsin (and often go for runs when the windchill is -20F!) and my advice to you is: get out in the cold as much as you can. Doing something active outside when it's cold will really help your body adjust. Good luck!

Erin Murphy

Think of investing in a space-heater for your apartment! I have one for my room at home (which is for some reason poorly insulated compared to the rest of my house) and it's a lifesaver!


Love those taxi mittens, but I'm with you, I need functionality more! Thanks for introducing me to Echo Touch gloves. They're on my Christmas wish list now!


This post title seriously made me laugh for way longer than it should have. Seriously one of the best YouTube videos EVER.

On a more relevant note, I have some of the tech gloves and I highly recommend testing them out IRL before ordering online. Some of them don't really work that well, and it would be a shame to order them online and then they don't work in reality and you end up having to freeze your fingers anyway.

Alexandrea J. Wilson

I so love this post! I'm sorry that it's so cold up there!! So stay warm! But I just love this title and those mittens are SOOO pretty! I love them all and want them all! 🙂 lol

Julia D.

Love the Kate Spade Tech Touch Bow Gloves. I feel so behind the times, I totally never knew they made special gloves to work with touch phones: GENIUS! Your outfit sounds eerily similar to what I wear when I'm at home because we rarely turn on the heat, so I feel your pain (or more specifically your cold!).

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