I’ve been so behind on my Instagram DMs lately. It’s a battle I really can’t win and I feel like I’m always going to disappoint people since I simply can’t get to every one. I opened up a question box this weekend. I answered a few there and thought I’d answer another ten in a blog post. These are questions that came in a bunch!


Have you started designing the nursery yet?

I did answer this one on Instagram but wanted to answer it here too. I do have an idea of what I want to do for the nursery (wallpaper, rug, crib, layout, etc.). But I haven’t had the time to really dig into it just yet…. but I have an idea. Going to start the major planning in May once I get a big project off my plate. I got a couple of wallpaper samples in last week and that really got me inspired.

A big part of my hang up is that a lot of nursery items I’m finding are…. very feminine. I’m trying to keep the nursery very “boy” and not super baby-ish so it can grow with him. I think the vibe is going to be classic, but still fun.

Once I feel a little more settled with the plans I’ll definitely share.

What camera are you using for bird watch? Do you like it?

I bought this Wyze outdoor camera. It’s an inexpensive outdoor camera and runs on battery so I didn’t have to hardwire it, which was important since it’s a temporary set up. It’s actually really great– much better than I expected for a $50 camera! And so easy to install.

Weirdest body transition with pregnancy you weren’t expecting?

Shortness of breath. I expected all the physical changes, but I didn’t realize shortness of breath would happen so early. I always assumed it was from carrying extra weight not from a hormone. It actually freaked me out and called my doctor to make sure everything was okay– I was assured it was totally normal. It’s not even just when working out, I’m out of breath talking on the phone…. it’s the strangest thing. (I think it caught me the most off guard because it feels exactly like how it feels before I have a panic attack and I keep having to remind myself that I’m not panicking, I’m just pregnant.)

How many cousins with Baby Riordan have?

He’s going to be the first grandchild for my parents and he has three nieces on Mike’s side of the family! My sister and I didn’t grow up with close cousins (we were much, much younger than our cousins and never lived near them), so I’m feeling extra excited for our son to have cousins just down the street!! Feels like such a gift.

The girls are all excited to meet him, too!

MONDAY Q&A | backyard wedding

Thinking of just throwing in the towel planning my wedding! Any recommendations from your backyard wedding?

DO IT. I cannot begin to tell you how special having an intimate backyard wedding was. I’d want to do the same thing even if there was no COVID. If there hadn’t been a pandemic I think we would have outsourced a few things– like hiring caterers (Mike was grilling and my mom was making bread/mac and cheese hours before the ceremony). But other than that, it was really just so special.

It definitely took planning to make it feel special– we had a fence installed ten days before and I splurged on the florist. It’s totally doable though. When we were telling people, even our friends and family, what the plan was I think it was assumed it would feel casual or even thrown together. Since it’s a backyard wedding though, all the little details (the flowers, the lights, our vows) made it feel extra romantic and intimate.

Are you having a baby shower?

Yes! The plan is to do one in Florida with my mom’s friends and then one up here with my friends. Honestly, when we got pregnant, I assumed this wouldn’t have been a possibility but everyone in attendance will be fully vaccinated by the time they happen and it feels SO GOOD. Especially since we didn’t get to celebrate our wedding with any of our friends (and I haven’t seen 95% of my friends since the beginning of the pandemic!), I’m just extra excited.

What’s your favorite holiday?

I’m not a super big holiday person… but I think I’m going to have to go with the Thanksgiving through Christmas as a holiday season and the Fourth of July just because I love summer and any excuse for a backyard barbecue.

MONDAY Q&A | carly riordan and ashley brooke

Which fellow blogger are you closest with?

The friendships I’ve made over the years are something I’m so grateful for. I often think about how this industry has brought so many incredible women into my life that I otherwise never would have had the chance to meet!!! I have a bunch of blogger friends, but I’d say I’m closest with Julia, Kelly, Ashley, and Elsa! Elsa lives in the next town over so (during non-COVID times) we see each other all the time and I text with everyone else…. all day. That’s the hardest part– we all live around the country; I wish we lived down the street from each other.

trip to alaska

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Alaska was hands down the most amazing trip. I have to admit that it wasn’t high on my list of places I wanted to travel, but was down for the adventure. It ended up blowing my mind! I loved everything about it (except the mosquitos, ha!) and would love to return.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“This too shall pass.” My mom always reminds me of this when things get tough and it’s kind of become a personal mantra over the years. I also think it’s a good reminder for the good things too– good times don’t last forever and they also “shall pass” so it’s best to enjoy them as best you can! Relish the good and know the bad will eventually end.

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This was a fun post! Would love it as a more regular series!

Shortness of breath was the most surprising change for me, too. A coworker who was due a couple weeks ahead of me told me after I announced that she suspected I was pregnant from listening to me on calls. Wild!


I JUST found out I am pregnant and the shortness of breath is so crazy!! This weekend I was walking while talking to my brother (with a mask on) and like gasping for air. I had no idea! It’s nice to hear that you have been experiencing that as well. I haven’t told anyone yet and I am so desperate to chat with other pregnant people about how they feel! Thanks for sharing 🤍


I’m due in June with a baby boy and also wanted to create a fun nursery that wasn’t too babyish. I ordered the most beautiful novelty wallpaper/mural from Little Hands (in Portugal). I absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier!!!

Shannon Mahaney

As someone who also wanted a nursery her son could grow into, stick with minimal! We chose to do an aviation-themed room for my son with minimal decor. Just simple and clean. It’s now my favorite room in the house!


I will 100% vouch for a backyard wedding. I threw in the towel with plans last year and ended up having a small backyard wedding (we live-streamed the ceremony to friends and family that couldn’t make it). Would I have done a backyard wedding pre-COVID? No. But looking back on it, it’s exactly what I wanted 🙂


Alaska is on my list of places I want to go to soon. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

Also really enjoying the baby bird videos you’re sharing on insta using your camera. Can’t believe your luck!


Love the Q&A! For our son’s nursery, we had Where the Wild Things Are art (“let the rumpus start” seemed very appropriate). The walls were very pale blue, almost grey. Furniture was white, and we had pops of grey and yellow. Quite gender neutral.


Hey Carly, that is so cool you loved Alaska. Can I ask what parts you went to or what parts you recommend more? I have an invite to a wedding in Kenai this summer but want to explore as much as possible! ty


The candles in the hurricane glasses on your wedding table are so pretty! Are the candlesticks yours? Are the candlesticks in vases? I would love to do something similar for outdoor dinners this summer.