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Apparently I was really feeling black and neutrals as my color palette over the last week.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I think the biggest win from the past week was that I successfully listened to my body. This is not a strength of mine and I’m usually one to just push through it. I did not feel great on Thursday– between feeling anxious and exhausted, it just wasn’t going to be a great day for me. And instead of feeling guilty and working anyway, I listened to what my body needed guilt-free. I ended up taking a long mid-day nap and then worked from bed the rest of the day. Even though the day wasn’t great, I was proud of myself!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: I finally (!!!!!) get to see my family next week and I really, really can’t wait. Coincidentally I have one last big deadline due Monday, which is the same day as my flight. I didn’t plan it this way, but it’s working out perfectly. I can’t wait to see everyone and I’m beyond grateful I get to do so without work looming over my head. My goal for this week is to get ahead of schedule so I can fully enjoy my trip. (I really could cry just typing this….. I’m so excited, relieved, happy, and emotional.)




I had a pretty normal day. I broke up my day by working from Sunday Motor for a little bit and then had to go to a dermatologist appointment. If you haven’t already, I recommend making your appointments to get your skin checked! I was nervous about a freckle that had changed recently. I’m going back for a followup but the doctor felt confident it was all good.


Jeans (maternity)

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yoga pants and shirt outfit | WEEK OF OUTFITS 4.20.21


Okay I had to share this outfit. I wore something else most of the day and then changed into the yoga pants and shirt to volunteer in…. but took the dogs out for a walk first. It’s a whole vibe.


Similar Shirt


Fanny Pack

lounging at home outfit


This was the day I didn’t feel good. I put this outfit on for therapy in the morning. (It’s on Zoom so I only have to worry about what the top half of me looks like….) Then I spent almost all day napping/working in bed.

V-Neck Sweater


casual put-together look | WEEK OF OUTFITS 4.20.21


After sleeping a TON, I felt great. I was so glad I took the time to rest because I ended up having an insanely productive day. I just cruised through my to-do list and felt great heading into the weekend.


Jeans (maternity)


casual weekend outfit


We had a low-key Saturday! We popped over to Mike’s sister’s house to hang out with them after our niece’s naptime. I came home to work more in the afternoon, but it felt nice to have a quiet house for working.



Jeans (maternity)

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outdoor brunch outfit


Mike and I went out to our local diner for an outdoor brunch. It was a nicer day on Sunday so I spent some time outdoors in the backyard needlepointing before diving into more work.

Similar Cardigan

Shirt (maternity)

Jeans (maternity)

going to a cafe outfit


I had such a Monday type of Monday! I had put together my to-do list the night before and felt confident in getting it all done. And I always LOVE a good productive Monday because it sets the tone for the rest of the week. I broke the day up by editing photos in a cafe– it’s one of my least favorite tasks so it’s nice to at least get to enjoy a little treat from a cafe while doing it.


Dress (under $25!)

Tote (c/o)

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I’m obsessed with that LULU fanny pack! Its become my literal ‘everyday bag’. You should try wearing it across the body … it’s very street style lol!


Love seeing these weekly outfit posts. So simple and chic! Also love seeing the baby bump grow! Glad to see you happy too!

Christine S.

Thank you for reminding readers to get our skin checked!! Very happy for you that you’ll finally be able to see your family again next week. (I’m visiting my parents now for the first time since our own little backyard wedding in September, actually – such a relief to have everyone vaccinated)!

And that Friday sweater is to die for.