Okay. I know this is a pregnancy pillow…. but I really wanted to write this post because I am obsessed with it and not just because I’m pregnant. I love it so much, I genuinely don’t see myself sleeping without one in the future and wish I had invested in one a lot sooner. Why don’t we sleep with pillows like this all the time, pregnancy or not?

The background here is that I had been sleeping great throughout the first trimester. It was the one thing going “right” for me and I was not complaining. I slept super deeply and had zero issues falling asleep. If anything, I knew I was sleeping too much. And then overnight, I couldn’t sleep anymore. The baby started kicking like crazy all night and my bump had grown to a point where it was hard to get comfortable. After that first night, I hoped it was just a fluke and after the second night, I knew I needed an intervention of some kind.

I figured I’d try a pregnancy pillow as step one. I wanted one immediately, so I bought one online that I could pick up locally via curbside pickup ASAP. If it didn’t work, I figured I could always try another one but it had to be better than nothing. Turns out, this pillow is a miracle worker. It’s so good, I ordered one to be sent to my parents’ house for when I go down there to visit in a couple of weeks (we are all fully vaccinated).


So the pillow:

THE PILLOW I AM OBSESSED WITH | pregnancy pillow

It kind of speaks for itself just looking at the photo of the shape. I like that you can flip it to sleep with the opening of the pillow at your back or the front. It gives you a totally different “feel” depending on which way you go, so you can customize your night’s sleep depending on what you’re in the mood for. I have almost always been sleeping with the pillow part in front and the opening on my back. I basically hug the pillow while sleeping, not unlike spooning.

The pillow has a great firmness– very supportive, which I 100% needed and will continue to want even past pregnancy. The cover is super soft and machine-washable.

pregnancy body pillow review

The only negative I can think of isn’t actually a negative. It’s just really big. Obviously that’s necessary for a full body pillow…. I just don’t know what to do with it during the day! I’ve just been keeping it on the bed and the dogs are both obsessed with it. It’s pretty hilarious, even at night, I think they think this pillow is their pillow. Sometimes I end up having Teddy spooning the pillow with me.

THE PILLOW I AM OBSESSED WITH | pregnancy pillow with dogs

Also I want to add that if you like to read in bed, the pillow is also great for that. I pull it up a bit higher, add one more pillow for my back, and have the top circle support my arms and the bottom half as support under my knees.

I can’t recommend this enough. If you struggle to get comfortable at night– whether it’s pregnancy related or not– definitely give this pillow a try!


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It’s big, but because you hug it it doesn’t take up much more room than your own body in the bed.


Seems like the pups really enjoy the pillow too! As you say, no need to be pregnant to see the appeal of this. It looks so comfortable! I always hug a pillow in my sleep because it feels safe, but I imagine this pillow’s even better! 🙂
Hope you’re having a great week so far Carly! x

Julia x
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I’m 32 weeks and use the same one and LOVE it. Best thing ever. When I make my bed every morning, it goes down near the headboard and then I stack the regular pillows on top of it.


tbh I slept with this pillow long after pregnancy too! Somehow it ended up in my daughter’s play area and now she loves lounging with it 😜


I’ve been using the exact same one and love it too! In my third trimester now, and just added a wedge pillow for extra support.


not pregnant – but totally considering getting this pillow! although pretty sure my cat would end up stealing it like your dogs haha


Yes yes yes! I had a huge U-shaped pregnancy pillow (basically a body pillow for both sides of my body), and it was so wonderful for sleeping that I haven’t been able to give it up… and my daughter is almost a year, ha! Sincerest appreciation and apologies to my husband for graciously dealing with me taking up 2/3’s of our bed. Anything for good sleep!

Shannon L Mahaney

That pillow is THE BEST!!! I borrowed one from my neighbor and was so bummed to give it back after I had my son. (She got pregnant shortly after its return!)