It’s been a bumpier this week than usual. Really just a lot on my plate over the next couple of weeks and I am eager to get things done. I honestly feel like I’m back in college and I have one final paper standing between me and summer vacation. I am planning on taking a tiny bit of time off at the end of April/beginning of May (maybe 5-7 days) and there’s a lot to accomplish between now and then.

ON MY RADAR 4.16.21

ON MY RADAR 4.16.21 eggs nest

ON MY RADAR 4.16.21

We have a cute nest on our wreath with five beautiful eggs. I went a little crazy and even set up a camera to keep an eye on the eggs…. 

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Flower Child Sunglasses

I’m usually pretty good about not making impulse buys. I have a whole system to avoid it, which includes emailing myself links to thinks that pique my interest and letting it sit in my inbox for a while. I also avoid buying anything from my phone, so it gives me time to mull it over. Well, I broke my own rules. I was in a doctor’s office waiting for my appointment to start, scrolling through my phone, and I stumbled on an ad for these kid sized sunglasses. I bought three for our nieces on the spot! They just arrived and I’m so impressed with the quality. Very well constructed– and they’re polarized!

TWO // Lunchbox Cakes

I watched one video on TikTok about these little lunchbox cakes and now I am obsessed. (And craving cake.) They are basically mini tiered cakes. They are so freaking cute. I thought they’d be a fun weekend project to attempt?

THREE // Hill House Living Book for Preorder

My Instagram friend Paula has a BOOK coming out!!!! You better believe I preordered it! She’s such a lovely follow, highly recommend. She posts the dreamiest photos from her home in the English countryside… complete with a brand new garden she just completed. Can’t wait for her book.

FOUR // Farm Girl Flowers’ Mother’s Day Collection 

Farm Girl Flowers just launched their Mother’s Day collection of bouquets. I always love what they do. And I saw on social media they have a 20% discount through Monday if you use code COMETOMAMA. I love the look (and name) of the “Put a Bow On It” bouquet!!

FIVE // Mini Nap Dresses

Hill House debuted the mini versions of their famous “Nap Dresses” and there are still a few mini nap dresses for girls available. I, obviously, couldn’t resist picking up a few to match with our nieces. (Yes, I am that weird aunt and I love it 😜.)

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Hello there I just came here after watching your Youtube video. And I luved it a lot. Thanks for sharing your idea actually I haven’t write any blog but I am thinking to write it. Wish me luck💜

Katie Misencik

I’d love to learn more about how you control impulse shopping! It’s my biggest struggle.