Monogrammed Bags

I’m on Nantucket right now for the last couple days of my week here. We’ve had the best time and I really am tempted to just, like, not go home. But before I start sharing some of my photos here, I had to share this monogrammed bag I got from J. McLaughlin. I saw on Instagram while I was here that they were offering free monogramming. I had to go, obviously.

Hathway Hutton

I was blown away from the artist’s Instagram. She does the cutest hand painted monograms, designs, and logos on designer bags. I want to buy a Goyard tote just for her to paint! I was so grateful that I was able to meet her too. Jen was incredibly sweet. She told us that she just started painting a year ago and is completely self-taught. I always love meeting entrepreneurs, especially when they stumbled into the niche unexpectedly.

At J. McLaughlin, I picked out this little wicker bag. I love it on its own but it’s even better with the monogram! The straps are pretty tiny so she wasn’t sure if she could fit the monogram, but it came out so beautifully. I am going to treasure it.

Don’t forget to check out her Instagram page to see everything that she paints– everything is so cool! Thank you Jen + J. McLaughlin for the bag and handpainted monogram!!!!

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OMG! Jen is a friend of mine (my sister and her SIL are best friends and college roommates). I have one of her first bag and it is my go to bag in the summer! She is so amazing and I am with you. I want to buy a Goyard just to have her paint something on it!