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Bah! It’s Friday the 13th. I am kind of a superstitious person. I know today will be totally fine, but I always start the day with a funny feeling. Luckily, I’m on Nantucket and I know it’s going to be a beautiful day. We’ve had the best week– the perfect mix of work and play. It’s weeks like this that make me beyond grateful for the job I have.

Juice Bar

Juice Bar’s Coffee + Oreo ice cream is now a new favorite.

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Prayer + Good Vibes for Ryan!

If you guys remember, I made my way to Nantucket for a girls trip with my friend Ashley. We had to postpone (not cancel!) the trip because she received the devastating news that her husband Ryan had cancer. Guys, it was awful. I love Ryan and Ashley so much. They are the sweetest couple I have ever (EVER) met and it’s so hard to watch your friends go through a horrible challenge. Ryan has been at the very top of my prayer list and, of course, more prayers and positive vibes are always welcome.

TWO // Universal Standard for J. Crew

Have you seen J. Crew’s new collab with Universal Standard? The collection has sizes ranging from XXS to 5x and everything looks pretty darn darling. I think my favorite part is that you can switch between models to see what the outfit looks like on different body types. Brilliant and I hope it’s a sign of where fashion as an industry is heading in general. This is hands down my favorite piece… are you surprised 😉

THREE // Harry Styles Sings “You’re Still the One”

I still have a giant crush on Harry Styles. I listen to his album all the time still and have yet to get sick of it. There’s just something about him! Needless to say, I am obsessed with his rendition of “You’re Still the One.” I am not really a concert person, but I think if I ever had the opportunity to hear him live, I’d actually do it!

FOUR // Lolli

Because of crew, I’m friends with the Winklevoss twins on Facebook. I’ll never forget when they started talking about this new currency called Bitcoin. I didn’t have a clue what it was and I assumed it was something I could never understand. Now I’m kicking myself for not doing more research. (Hindsight, am I right?!) One of my friends is launching a new company and it’s a super smart way to start earning Bitcoin. I see it as an easy way to get your foot in the door with crypto-currency in a low-pressure way. Essentially you can earn Bitcoin as you shop online. Like Ebates, but instead of cash back, you get Bitcoin. I can’t wait for the official launch, and you can join the waitlist now!

FIVE // Blair Eadie Q&A

I really admire Blair Eadie, as a style icon, but mostly as a business person. I’m constantly inspired and impressed by her. She historically hasn’t shared much about her life online, but she’s been sharing little bits and pieces more on her blog. I LOVE that she’s sharing more of her wisdom because she has great– and smart– things to say!

SIX // Hand Painted Circle Beach Bag

Zyrtec sent me the sweetest “thank you” gift for our recent spring collaboration. I’m always blown away when brands are great to work with and get the personality of who they’re working with. Receiving this monogrammed straw bag made my day! I have been carrying it to the beach all week and got a ton of questions about it on Instagram. I’m not sure where mine is exactly from, but I found this similar one on Mark & Graham.

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I saw Harry at MSG a few weeks ago and he did Still the One!! I cried the WHOLE TIME hahaha! My mom used to play a lot of Shania around the house when I was younger and it made me very sentimental!


Oh my god, thank you for discovering that Harry Style performance, that is my favourite tune now!

xx A.

Jessica from What To Style

I’m praying for Ryan and Ashley Brooke too, I love that couple and I know God has wonderful things ahead for them! ❤

By the way, since you’re in Nantucket, please make a vlog about it!

Jessica –