More gift ideas

If you’re still looking for gift ideas (assuming you gave board games last year, or something………) I’ve compiled fail-proof gifts for all your friends!
Abby, the precocious next door neighbor
Eloise at Christmastime
Jacob, the next door neighbor that gets stuck watching “girl” movies with his sister
A big bucket of Legos.  Please do not get anything that comes with instructions.  The whole point of Legos is to build WHATEVER you want, not to put take 2834798B and connect it to part 3248723D.
Sorority sister
Aunt Sue, the diehard football fan who will brave the chilly nights to watch her team win.
Marley & Lilly personalized scarves
Miss Honey, the charming teacher who encourages and comforts
Nico & LaLa pencil holder
Hostest with the Mostest, you still can’t figure out how she has time to wrangle the children and bake perfect pies
S’more kit- box of graham crackers, bag of marshmallows, chocolate bars, and skewers.  (My mom was given one in an LL Bean tote with “S’mores” embroidered- so cute)
A neighbor, friend, host, relative
The Help
(great book)
The guy friend
Vineyard Vines boxers- just can’t go wrong

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MS girl

I gave The Help to a bunch of my sorority sisters this year. It is one of my new favorite books. I'm glad to see it made your list!


Love the ideas – and love seeing the pencil holder Nico & LaLa did for me! I'm obsessed with it and use it all the time!


Thanks for the great head's up about the Marley & Lilly scarves! I just ordered two 🙂 I told them you sent me!


…and a favorite of mine would be Baubles, Bangles ans Beads…all wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon!!! Know you didn't ask for our opinions but had to share my favorites to give and receive.

The Aly Way

The Help is a fabulous book! I heard they are making it into a movie… it will be fantastic. I can't wait to see who they select to be the actors.


um ok so call me do you order the pencil holders..I couldnt figure it out

and they are making the help into a movie..with emma stone…