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A pair of “Pick Me Up” Jeans
They are the best FORTY dollars (yes, I typed that correctly) spent on a pair of jeans.
Jolt denims are just great.  Great fit, great style, great price.
Worth a shot.
A quick list (of course) of things I like about the jeans:

  1. They’re stretchy.  I can eat 15 Reese’s Christmas Trees if I want (and I do.)
  2. Even though they stretch, they don’t get baggy… Some sort of science that other people haven’t figured out.  Patent pending perhaps?
  3. The length.  Long enough to wear with heels, short enough to wear with flats.  Again, not sure how they do it.
  4. Cheap price.  Who cares if you only wear them twice?
  5. Except, I wear mine twice (or thrice) a week.
  6. Did I mention that they’re only 40 dollars?
  7. The yoke is exceptionally placed.
  8. Skinny jeans are fun fun fun to wear.
Let me know what you think about Jolt jeans!

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I got a pair of these last winter and they are fabulous! I love them because they are super easy to tuck into boots!!! Also they are so easy to dress up or down! Totally recommend! Got mine from Nordstrom!


Very cute, but am I the only person that doesn't think $40 is cheap for a pair of jeans? My definition of cheap jeans? $20-$25, usually at AE. This college prepster is on a tight budget! 🙁


adorable. going to Nordy's to try them out.

AE makes good skinny's too. They don't stretch out too badly if you were them multiple times a week (as I do) and go right back when washed.