I’m going to just put it out there…. trends are trends for a reason… They’re kind of fun to follow.
And you know what?  If we don’t follow trends, we won’t have any embarrassing pictures to show our kids one day.  “Mom you wore WHAT?!!?”
So my top 3 favorite trends for the season?
Denim shirts
Military jackets
Polka Dot tights
denim shirts
major major major major
[five bonus CP special “I LOVE YOU” points if you catch the reference……]
polka dot tights
Moral of the story, don’t shy away from trends.  Mix them into your already classic wardrobe.  And use in moderation.

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totally agree with "the moral of the story"…trends are fun, but classic is best! I go to places like Forever21 for my trendy stuff and spend more $$ on the classic 😉 hope finals are going well! xoxo


I love the denim shirt trend!

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