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The holiday season is among us…
And you know what that means.  No, not the mistletoe. Not candy canes.  Not wreathes…..
Full guest rooms, cots in the living room, and sleeping bags for the kiddies.
Chances are, as stressed as you might be about having a full house, your guests may be stressed about sleeping on a stack of quilts.
What better way to ease stress all around?  WELCOME BASKETS.
Fill those babies up with all sorts of useful (and entertaining) things.
(themed accordingly for the guest… think: fishing, cooking, traveling)
(unisex and one that can be read in no fewer than 3 days, but no more than 5)
(no gum, unless you want to hear Aunt Suzie smacking on it or Cousin Jilly sticking it underneath your Italian glass coffee table)
(fun colors not optional)
Travel sized lotions
(Bath and Body Works always has great promotions on these)
Granola Bars
(yucky flavors need not apply)
Trail Mix
(chocolate bits are fully required.)
Lint brush
(especially if you have a Fluffy, Puffy, or Muffy)
Disposable Camera
(PLEASE- I think this is so epic… so retro)
Memorable Token
(go digging through old boxes and find your brother’s blanky)
Good luck with the relatives and friends…. Remember to BREATHE and HAVE FUN!

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Midwest Elle

Great ideas! We did something similar for all of our out of town guests at our wedding. We put baskets in their hotel rooms ahead of time with maps, local treats, coupon books, schedule of events and formal invitations for the rehearsal and dinner. It is such a great way to have your guests feel welcomed and at home.


I live for house guests! I love hosting! I also have my grandmother's 'need' to entertain though and after a couple days when everyone is sitting around watching TV, chatting, and eating I go crazy thinking I need to DO something with them! Because of this, the book idea is GREAT. I am constantly checking myself to make sure i dont't go pyscho host with 10 million things to do. Remember prepsters, your guests are on VACATION! Maybe make a list of "to dos" in case they get bored, but chances are they will be more than happy to talk with family and friends in the breakfast nook.


I read a future book coming out of this…you have already started your cast of characters.What fun this could be!!!


Oops!!! I've been known for the making of a bed with the stack of quilts!!! Oh well, they have all survived and probably wouldn't have slept much anyway!!! TeeHee