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After initially posting about the leopard loafers that I got over the summer, I was about 98% completely sold on the concept.  I fully admit that they’re definitely a “little out there” for my usual style.  However, in an effort to embrace a little bit more in my daily wardrobe choices, I thought they’d be a perfect match of fun while still having a classic shape.
The other 2% came from finding this picture (no fewer than 28 times, mind you) on my Tumblr dashboard.  Yes?
{Amanda of One of Each}
I feel like overnight I was seeing these cute little leopard loafers everywhere.  In fact, right after my first post I got the J. Crew catalog and found a leopard loafer in there!
Even Sperry Topsiders is on board.
The Pink Monogram offers needlepoint loafers as well as a monogrammed mule.
Are you guys still feeling the same way?  Have your opinions changed or stayed the same over the past month?
PS I have this pair from Steve Madden.

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I've always loved leopard print and have had leopard print ballet flats for awhile. So of course I love these loafers–just hoping they aren't a fleeting trend!

Anna H

I love the J.Crew and Sam Edelman loafers. I have a pair of Target leopard print kitten heels that I love! They're great to perk up a neutral outfit and can give a bit of style when I'm feeling lazy.


I am all about a leopard accessory, I've been wearing leopard flats for years, and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect leopard belt.
Loafers are the perfect shape for such a fun print, it is so classic it keeps it from being overwhelming or too ~out there~

Also, I'm adding those j-crew loafers to my online cart as I type!!!


i have been on the hunt for leopard flats for awhile, and after i read this post i went on the hunt (online, of course). now i have a serious hankering for a nordstrom pair that is almost exactly like the jeffrey campbell ones. i have a feeling i will give into the temptation by the end of tonight…


I was actually going to buy a pair, shortly before you posted about them. That was until I saw a few people with them, and I changed my mind and got black velvet ones instead. I still love them, but after more people started wearing them I didn't want to follow a 'trend'. I haven't seen any on my campus though since I've been back, and I may rethink purchasing them..