Remember way back when, I asked you guys for your opinions regarding Keurigs?  I read through them all and was pretty convinced that it was a smart choice.
The only thing stopping me was the fact that I LOVE Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  I didn’t know how I would feel about “Coffee Shop” K-cups, so I was hesitant to make the investment.
It was as if DD read my mind.  Within a week or two, I got the email notification (yea, I unsubscribe from ALL emails except for Dunkin’ Donut… that is saying something, people) that DD was coming out with K-Cups.
Cue the Hallelujah chorus.
Yep.  Brilliant.
Happy Carly.
I went ahead and got the Mr. Coffee Keurig Maker.  It’s cheap and basic and perfect for a dorm room.
Anyone else as excited about the DD K-Cups?

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My roomie and I just bought the My K-cup Reusable K-Cup for only $18 to go with our Keurig. I strongly suggest getting one! It's cheaper in the long run & more eco-friendly!


I'm still on the fence about the Dunkin k-cups. As excited as I am to have Dunkin at home, I still stand by the fact that nothing I make will taste as good as the original from the store.


I have the same one by Mr. Coffee and I am loving all of the different K cups I can find. They have the reusable filters so you can still use the regular DD coffee.

I am partial to the hot chocolate and apple cider ones.


I love my Keurig too. It's a lifesaver in the morning and saves me a ton of money! I'm sad that they only sell the DD K-cups at Dunkin Donuts though.


I love my Keurig! It's kind of my baby. I like Caribou, so that's what I drink, but you have to try the hot cocoa! I also kind of need Starbucks K-cups, but I do have the make your own filter.


My kriton is my BFF! Because I now live in LA, my dunkin trips are few and far between so these new dunkin k-cups are changing my life!

Kristine Elizabeth

I love the idea of the Kreurig, but I drink more than one cup of coffee at a time haha! My mom has one and loves it, but I opted for a coffee maker with a timer so hot coffee will be ready when I wake up for my morning class. Timed coffee pots aren't that expensive either. I got mine at walmart for around $40 I think 🙂


Did you know Keurig's have a little reusable filter? Instead of buying those individual things, you can buy your usual coffee and put two table spoons in and it works the same!

We have one in our apartment and I LOVE it! It's the perfect amount of coffee.


I definitely feel the exact same way about Dunkin Donuts coffee! My husband and I have the Cuisinart version of the many Keurig single cup brewing varieties and were at our local Dunkin the night their k-cups were shelved just to be sure we were privy to a box of "original"!! It is wonderful. Nothing less!!