Sharpie GEL Highlighter

Yes, yes.  Neon is in.
But I’m talking about bringing neon into the classroom (or office, or plain old desk, or house, or wherever).
Soccer Mom read about these highlighters and said they were supposed to be awesome.  I mean, highlighters are great and all, but how “awesome” can they get?  (Besides the super cute Lilly ones.)
So skeptical College Prepster (I am always, always a skeptic) decided to see what all the hype was about.
Okay.  They are amazing.  I’m not sure if I can even describe how they feel when you highlight something, but it is almost unreal.  It’s like a crayon, but marker, but sort of eraser texture.  Whoa.
Sharpie is revolutionizing a classic school supply (and any college prepster’s best friend) that we didn’t know needed any updates!
I HIGHLY recommend these.
Even if you’re not a highlighting fiend (you should see my poor textbooks at the end of the semester), you may be converted after testing these.
Has anyone else tried these amazing highlighters?
[PS Before I get four hundred emails complaining that I’m being paid by Sharpie… I’m NOT.  Just putting that out there.]

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Legally Brunette Kate

As a law student I do an unreasonable amount of highlighting and get an odd amount off enjoyment out of a good highlighter…I'll have to check these out!

WholeHeartedly Hannah

These sound amazing- looks they like they might end up as a must for this school year!

P.S. Who cares if you are getting paid. If it's a great product, it's a great product. As long as you're being honest that's all that matters!



I'm very picky about my highlighters. I hate the liquid kind because they bleed so badly – but these look like they might be perfect, I may need to go pick some up. Looooveee school supplies!

xx Emily @

Isle of View

I had so much fun with these…until I ran my hand across the page and my white sleeve was yellow! I really like the concept and the way they work, but as an active writer/notetaker (read: I go back and rewrite through my notes when I review them) I can't use them because of the color "flake" problem with the gel product.