New CP Desktop Wallpaper and iPhone!

Most of us have a few more days/weeks before we are officially back in the library doing homework and studying…. 
I thought I’d get a desktop wallpaper done though so it’s ready for everyone’s first day of school!  I knew right away that I needed to use this Lilly fall patchwork print.  I’m obsessed with it and use it as my phone’s background throughout fall’s entirety.  I went back and forth with what I want to use as the quotation, but ended up using a Beach Boy’s lyric.  I thought it would have the reminiscence of summer and the spirit of loving your school.  The rest of the song is super cute and catchy (hello, it’s the Beach Boys) so give it a listen while your sorting through school supplies to get you in the mood!
Instructions for Downloading:
Right click on the image.
Select “Open in new tab” (or window)
Right click the image again.
You can either save the image to your computer and then set it as a background. On macs, you should be able to right click and “save as desktop background.”
Also, here’s a version for your iPhones!

How many days until your first day back?  Are you looking forward to it or dreading it?

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can you do a post for cute back to school backpacks? im searching for one that can hold my macbook along with other stuff!

Legally Brunette Kate

I'm starting law school orientation next thursday and my classes begin the following monday. I'm super excited and really looking forward to being in DC!


Cute backgrounds, I love the Beach Boys 🙂 I am definitely super excited to go back to school!! As much as I love summer,I would take being at school instead any day.
xo, E


Just found your blog- Super cute! I love the backgrounds. Can't believe it's almost time for school to start up, but I'm really excited. I graduate this Spring and student teach all year 🙂