Monogrammed Cell Phone Cover

I have a smartphone, but not an iPhone.  There are always the cutest cases available for iPhones, but never for a random HTC Droid Incredible (which I happen to have).  My friend Kelly from our favorite Marley Lilly sent me a new cell phone case that is beyond perfect.
I’ve been having cell phone issues, but after a few hard resets I got a replacement phone (for free… not as easy as it sounds).  My old pink silicone case just wasn’t cutting it for me, so when I got the Marley Lilly case I nearly died.  It is absolutely PERFECTION.
It’s so so so College Prepster!  Look how great it matches my blog.  My bloggy business cards also match, so it’s extra fun.
There are pages and pages of amazing customizable designs for ALL sorts of phones.  There is a list of phones that have the entire hard case (e.g. iPhones), but what really sets Marley Lilly apart from the rest is that you can get a decal and a clear case for a phone that isn’t listed!  This is what I did and it is still perfect.
(small screenshot of a few samples… and they’re all customizable!)
With the decal + clear case, you have to place the sticker directly on the phone and cover it with the case.  It is surprisingly simple and the decals are removable.  This is amazing for two reasons: 1, you can readjust the decal if it’s not straight… I did this four or five times!  and 2, you can remove it if you get bored or get a new phone or whatever!
Want to have a College Prepster matching case like me?  It’s available HERE!
Thanks Marley Lilly for great cell phone covers!  Finally, I have a cute case!!!
PS Don’t forget, Marley Lilly is having a “roommate special” right now.  Use CollegePrep at checkout and get free shipping on orders over $85!

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I really like that! I have an iPhone and have been eyeing the Kate Spade cases, but this is a great idea as well!

xx Emily @

Seashells and Southern Belles

oh my gosh, I have an Incredible too and it AIN'T so incredible… I had to get a replacement too and they acted like it was so rare and that I'm the only person who has ever had problems with it. If HTC knew how many people I had told not to get a Droid, they would pay me to keep my mouth shut 🙂 Love the case and thanks for sharing, you are so right, they don't make cute cases for Droids!


What a surprise, I had to get a replacement too for my HTC Incredible 🙁 I can't wait till my plan expires so I can get an iPhone. However, these little cases may tie me over until then!


I obviously have been on vacation & missed this post while I commented on your facebook page about your perfect phone on marley lilly 🙂 love the blog carly!


Such a superb blog i have wondering where did you buy the lovely case. this blog is so much helpful.. so9 thanks for the sharing with us….