Think Pink!

Wow, January flew by. February is actually one of my favorite months. There’s something about the unusualness of the short month that I really, truly just love. And what’s better than loving a month that’s all about love? 
And February is absolutely a PINK month.
In the words of the precocious EloiseThink pink, a better way of life.
What pink things are you loving during February?

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I love the Kate Spade studs. Pink is actually one of my favourite colours but I have purposefully steared away from it of late (as I was going a bit overboard with it lol) but this post has just reminded me how much I love all things pink 🙂

Janine xx
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Alyssa Jean

I love the color pink! I mean, orange is my favorite but pink is wonderful too! I just found these amazing-looking Red Velvet Milkshakes on Pinterest that I so want to try! My favorite thing about February is Valentine's day! I'm single (like I have been for every other Valentine's Day, except for one) and I just love the idea of spreading love around to other people. I think that is what the day is about, not just spending time with your special someone! 🙂

xoxo Alyssa Jean


I love the dollar section at Target and also their kitchen section because they sell the cutest little valentines plates and glass for such a cheap price. Also the amount of red and pin k in the stores makes me super happy.I also that it's National Heart Health Month. It's very important for people to be aware of the heart, which is a vital organ that we all depend on.

Lydia Grace

LOVE IT! I'd have to say that my favorite pink item of the month is my Lilly Pulitzer "Pink" lotion. It reminds me of spring, and makes me happy. 🙂

Great post, girl!



I love love love anything pink and the fact that February and Valentine's day are another excuse to wear pink, I love! Right now I'm currently coveting the Kate Spade Pink Madeline Trench, sadly the chances of me ever owning it are pretty slim since I live on the budget of a nanny/college student. However I just ordered the cutest pink jelly flats and I can't wait for them to arrive! Counting down the days until spring!


All the pink nail lacquers and lip glosses that are in my possession will be worn this month. Thank goodness it is February! Wearing pink makes me happy and reminds me that we are one month closer to spring 🙂



think pink

So… I guess it’s February.
Not going to lie, this is my favorite month.  Hello, PINK is essentially the color of the month.  And I love every single minute of it.  I’m a few days late on this, but it’s okay since we get an EXTRA day!!!
Here are my favorite pink things right now:
I love canvas totes because we have a “bag tax” in Washington, DC.  Even though it’s only five cents per bag, I hate spending five cents on a stupid bag… so I pay $20 for a cute canvas bag.  Because that makes total sense……… haha.
I can’t go more than a couple of days without using this.  It has totally changed my skin.
I don’t have these earrings, but I really wish that I did…. I wish they would magically appear in my jewelry box…. Making the wish, right now!
This is so perfect for traveling!  I always need little bags for my trinkets.  This looks like the perfect size (and clearly the perfect color).
Nails deserve to celebrate too!!!

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My friend bought those earrings and she is definitely going to return them. They are huge and gaudy and the pink is really very ugly in person. Do not recommend.



Think PINK

a better way of life.
Oh boy!  I love pink.  There are so so so many things that should be pink.  Sheets, cupcakes, clothes, shoes, nail polish, headbands, pencils…..
Things that should never be pink: Eyes.
Yep, after weeks of babysitting for tons of kids for many many many hours at a time, I finally caught the second most dreaded ailment from children.  Pink eye.  (The first being lice and the third being warts.)  On my first day off in a long time, I hit the mall naturally.  My eye felt fine at the time, but trust me when I say that I knew something was wrong.
Six hours later and my poor left eye was a little swollen and itchy.  By the next morning, I couldn’t pry the lids apart.  So disgusting!!!  I threw on some running shorts and dark sunglasses and ran over to a walk-in clinic first thing in the morning.  (Of course, one always gets sick on the weekend.)
The doctor interrogated me for a while about all sorts of random health issues… I just kept telling him all I wanted was some drops!!!  After lots of poking and pulling around my eyes, he finally turned away to write the prescription.  That was right about the time when the already tiny room starting closing in on me.  I barely had time to warn the poor guy that I was going to faint.  Next thing I know I’m on my back on the table with my feet in the air.
Pink eye actually ended up being a nice little break.  No parent wants me to babysit for their kids at the moment and I could catch up on emails and some miscellaneous work (read: start Season One of Mad Men.)
Finally, my eye is better!  Yay!  To celebrate, let me share with you things that are perfectly acceptable in pink hues.
Yes, those things may be pink.

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I got pink eye twice this summer because the kids I coach had it! Make sure you wash your sheets, glasses, sunglasses, ect so you don't get it again.
Oh…and my dog has it now :/ gross gross gross

xx Emily @

Annica Benning

Oooh, not fun! Glad you're all better. And I have been eyeing (no pun intended) pink McKims for a while. I would scoop 'em up if they had just a TINY bit more support!


I'm glad you're feeling better! PS: Mad Men is a great show, it can be slow sometimes but stick with it, it's worth it (and however many bazillion Emmys it's won)!


Mad Men is AMAZING – I'm rewatching at the moment (actually, I'm watching the third season as I type!). I cannot recommend it enough, and it just gets better and better – the fourth season is phenomenal. Stick with it! It's the best thing on television now (and possibly ever).

And so sorry for you! Pink eye sounds horrible. But that nail polish is precious!

C x


Do you wear contacts? I've fainted several times at the eye doctor because of some weird, rare reaction. I faited when I got contacts the first time as well as visits for pink eye and eye infections! Maybe you have the same response?


Oh my gosh, I'm sorry to hear you passed out! At least you feel better now though!
I fainted at my eye doctor's, after he put that solution in to dilate my pupils. I claim it was because of that stuff, and the brightness messing with my head, but truthfully I've passed out too many times to count at doctors visits. Isn't it the most uncomfortable feeling?

Leah Davis

Essie is my absolutely favorite type of nail polish! Sand Tropez is on my nails right now, but i wish i had Pink Glover Service on them right now! Pink, however is the perfect color for everything except in the eye!