Brussels Sprouts

Oh my word. I’m addicted to Brussels sprouts. True story, I eat them every night for dinner.
When Georgetown’s dining hall (“Leo’s”) had them for dinner, it was essentially like hitting the jackpot. My entire plate would be filled with them. Now that I’m living on my own, they’re my go-to dinner. Not a side dish. Not an appetizer. Not a snack. DINNER. Every night.
A little butter and a dash of Jane’s Krazy salt and I’m a happy girl.
Yes, these little Brussels sprouts are very much in vogue. In fact, I believe that they may be the peplum of diets right now. Y-U-M. It seems like they’re popping up all over restaurants in New York City.
Okay so I’ve been steaming them myself every night, mostly because I’m still downright petrified of my oven. I’d love to be able to roast them and what not… but for now, I’ll get my roasted Brussels sprouts at restaurants. Does anyone have tips for overcoming Clibanisophobia– apparently that’s an actual thing. (Am I crazy? Probably, but at least I’m not the only one!)
In the meantime, I’ll also be lusting over Pinterest recipes of beautiful and delicious Brussels sprouts.
Swing by these food blogs for the recipes! (If anyone wants to invite me to their place and cook for me… let me know!!!)

Anyone else as obsessed with Brussels sprouts as I? What’s your favorite recipe?

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roasting brussels sprouts is seriously easy, Carly. 🙂 just crank up the heat in your oven, coat your sprouts in olive oil and whatever seasoning you want (in the words of Ina Garten, "I like these salty like French fries") and let them roast until they start to brown and crisp up. ta-da! easy. here's a couple of other recipes I like:


I have a feeling you are afraid of the oven more than the actual usage of the oven for cooking brussels sprouts? In order to fix it, you have to know WHY you are afraid – is it that something will happen? You'll burn the apartment down? You'll burn yourself? Have some kind of kitchen nightmare? Set the fire alarm off? You have to pinpoint exactly what makes you afraid of the oven before you can even consider getting over your fear.

When you figure it out, then you rationally talk it out – ok you are afraid of burning the building down or at least setting off all the fire alarms. What would make this happen? Leaving them in too long, or cooking on too high a temperature. So go online, read as many recipes as you can, check what temperature they say to use, and go 5 degrees less. Set a timer on your phone, as well as the oven (practice before so you know what to do when it's show time) so you remember to take the sprouts out AND turn off the oven. Set multiple alarms if necessary.

If it's burning, go online and find the best oven mitts known to mankind. Buy two. Or three for backup… Practice taking them out with the oven off.

It is about feeling confident and knowing what to do in case something goes wrong. You are a planner, Carly. You just need to feel confident, which is totally possible if you plan ahead enough. <3 Good Luck!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

My favorite way to eat them is to toss them on a cookie sheet (you are going to have to face the oven, my friend!) and cut up (I use kitchen scissors but a knife is perfectly fine too) one or two slices of bacon. If I have an apple, I cut large chunks and add that too. Drizzle enough EVOO so that you can toss and coat everything. Sprinkle a little salt and pep to taste. Roast at 350-ish until tender. Delish!



I am in love with brussels sprouts as well, they are just too good. While I like roasting them in a bit of coconut oil, my absolute favorite way to eat sprouts is sauteed/braised on the oven. Add a little oil to a pan, put halved sprouts down in it, let that fry for a bit then add some broth (or water with a load of spices). Cover that for about ten minutes, then let it boil off. Divine!

The lemon garlic sprouts look excellent, I'll have to try that recipe soon 🙂


Oh my goodness! You have to try roasting them – amazing. A spritz of EVOO and some S&P = perfection! Sometimes I'll add some onion chunks or beets or squash to roast along with them. Yum.

Not sure how to help you get over your oven fears 🙁 Are you worried about the safety of the oven? If so, maybe just give it a good cleaning with an oven spray and you'll feel better? Or buy a fire extinguisher just so you have the comfort of having it on hand.

I love using my oven in the winter because it really warms up my kitchen : )


An easy way to avoid the oven — Cut sprouts in half, put them cut side down on a cast iron pan (with alittle butter/olive oil heated up). They'll caramelize on the bottom, and heat through to the top. In a separate bowl, mix together a little lemon juice, srirarcha, and honey (to taste depending on spicier versus sweeter). Toss warm sprouts in bowl, voila!

Anna Vigdorova

OBSESSED with Brussels sprouts!!! The best part is that they're really healthy, and super filling too–they're usually my lazy girl go-to dinner. I buy them frozen in a bag from Trader Joe's, and use about 1/3 of the bag for one meal. You just put them in a bowl and into the microwave for 3 minutes. I spray them with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, and sprinkle with parmesan and garlic salt. SO GOOD! I'm going to try roasting them this weekend though, using the first recipe you posted!

Amber McKinley

I've actually never tried a brussel sprout – probably because I always heard bad things about them when I was young, and I've never really been exposed to them. These, however, look mouthwatering. I'm going to need to try one of these recipes, maybe the Balsamic Roasted ones? Those look divine!
xx – Amber
Through College with Class.


Brussel sprouts are my favorite!! I roasted a batch last night with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and had a huge bowl for dinner. My trick is to slice them either in half or in thirds so they cook evenly and get crispy!


If you don't want to use your oven to roast brussels sprouts, another alternative is to sautee them. I would recommend trying to add some sort of protein into your dinner as well, especially since you seem to have very long hours, so that you are able to stay full for longer and more alert while you work (and protein is important for brain function, etc…). Having a well-balanced diet is even more important when you are busy (something most of us learn the hard way).

Regarding the fear of your oven, if you aren't already talking to a healthcare professional about your anxiety, perhaps this would be a good time to start. Having a fear of things that are part of every day life (such as using an oven) can sometimes build up and escalate to the point that you may become incapable of functioning as an adult. Since you are still in a period of transition from college to "real world" adulthood, which is a particularly difficult time due to new responsibilities as well as changing relationships (in addition to geographic locations), you'll start coming across even more new experiences that may seem "scary" or make you anxious. A therapist or doctor may be able to give you tips to enact about overcoming these smaller fears so that they do not start to overtake your life.


I completely agree with sauteeing them! Sauteed brussel sprouts are my absolute favorite dinner!! I cook them with garlic, salt, and pepper and call it a day. If I'm feeling extra adventerous, I'll make some salmon to go with them 🙂


I went through a pretty serious brussels sprouts obsession back in college and then couldn't eat them for over a year because I overdid it. I still can't eat too many of them, but my favorite dish is shaved brussels sprouts salad.

-Irina @ Chocolatea Time


The Smith NYC has the best brussel sprouts!!
If you're afraid of your oven, I sauté them in a pan with olive oil and they turn out well

Jennifer (the Elizabeth Letter)

I'm obsessed with them too! And I steam/ then saute them (my oven is sparkly clean!). BUT my biggest issue is that they make my house smell TERRIBLE. My husband gets so mad when he gets home and the whole place smells like garbage. I've tried opening windows, lighting candles, fans you name it. So I'm thinking of trying to roast a gazillion veggies (broccoli, brussles sprouts, cauliflower- all my favorite stinky ones) on two huge trays on Sundays and then zip lock bagging them to have for the week. Can't wait to browse your recipes!


i use a toaster oven! no gas and multi-functional. makes making grilled cheese, perfect toast, or cooking muffins easy in one appliance!


I absolutely love brussels sprouts, growing up I used to beg my Mom to make them for me (since no one else in my family liked them)! Now they are finally in fashion and more people are starting to eat them! Can't wait to try these new brussels sprout recipes! Thanks!


True about being fashionable in 2013, Delta's Sky Magazine had an article about that and different ways they are being used at restaurants. My childhood experiences kind of ruined them for me, but prepared a little fancier I would try them again.


the lemon garlic recipe is amazing! that's been my go-to way of cooking them for awhile now. you definitely need to try them ASAP!


Slice each sprout and mix them in a bowl with olive oil and sauteed garlic cloves (I buy them at Fresh Market). Roast them in the oven on a large cookie sheet. Mix the cooked sprouts with a great pesto sauce and add walnuts. Delicious!!

Lea Anne

I am addicted as well! I roast with garlic powder and red pepper flakes and they're delicious! I'm a vegetarian but I've heard that they pair really well with bits of bacon!

Julia D.

I've never really had them, but I love veggies so I'll have to try and make something that has brussel sprouts in them. Are you still vegetarian?

Stephanie Archer

Two recipes:
Pan-seared brussel sprouts. Place halved sprouts in a skillet with olive oil and minced garlic, and Tuscan seasoning (mushrooms optional) on high-heat. Let them get seared on each side. Add 1-2 tbsp of water, cover, and simmer until desired softness.

Roasted brussel sprouts: Coat in olive oil and Herb de Provence. Roast in oven on 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes to desired softness/crispness. Also good to add root vegetables (sweet potatoes, beets, parnips, carrots, and squash).