Kelly Cutrone + Levo League

I am so excited!!!
She will be hosting Office Hours–which is a 30 minute live-streamed interview with career mentors. We host two per week (career experts on Tuesday and career mentors on Thursday) and I always look forward to them. Technically I have to watch because of my job, but I would absolutely watch them if I didn’t work here.
They’re inspiring. They’re motivational. And they’re informational.
Office Hours with Kelly Cutrone has been in the works for a while now. I cried on the phone with Leslie when it was officially confirmed. I really love her books, I always loved her directness on MTV reality shows, and I may or may not have almost been on a show with her.


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Haintso Rakouth

Very excited to tune to Office Hour!Watching her on reality tv shows I've always been intimidated by her but she is inspiring,especially after reading the post on Levo League, I am intrigued and exciting on seeing what she has to say tomorrow 🙂


OMG that's so cool! I literally just finished reading her book, Normal Gets You Nowhere, tonight and I loved it. I will definitely tune in tomorrow for office hours!


Deonnah Davis

I seriously can't wait for office hours at 2! She is my new found idol! I plan on pursuing a career in PR AND SHE HAS THE BEST ADVICE! I will be tuning in at 2pm for sure!!

You have such a great job! Just saying!


Julia D.

I LOVE her. Her books are some of my favourites. Are you ever going to explain what happened with this mysterious almost-reality show?