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In high school, we had the regular senior superlatives. Most likely to succeed, best dressed, cutest couple… etc. We also had “funny” ones that were announced at our senior banquet. Truthfully, I don’t remember many of the other ones and I don’t remember how they were even voted for. I assume people voted somehow, but I don’t know how!
Anyway, I ended up with Biggest Gossip. Go figure, I would end up as a blogger, right? I don’t think I’m a “gossip,” but I am absolutely one of those people who EVERYONE tells their deepest secrets to. I can’t even begin to describe it. Strangers on planes open up to me and tell me about their ailing family members, how they just got fired, or even just their entire life story. Friends tell me whatever issue they’re having… big and small. I feel like I have a Post-It stuck to my forehead telling people to open up to me. Does anyone else feel like they’re “that person”? (I should note here, that I never share any of these deep secrets with anyone… which is the real irony behind being deemed “Biggest Gossip.” No one knows what I know… aka the whole point.)
The show Gossip Girl started the first month of my senior year of high school. I kind of kept up with the show, but I definitely fell of the bandwagon. I remember getting super bored with it and when I missed a week, I realized that I really didn’t care what had happened. I did watch with Little V though every week for a while….
Well, it’s on Netflix. And I got sucked in. It’s the perfect mindless distraction while I get dressed in the morning, answer Tumblr questions, or simply take a few minutes to breathe and sit.
Now that I live in New York City, I have a much better appreciation for the show. If only to track the locations. (I’m so tempted to visit every single place. Am I crazy? Slash…. does the list already exist?)
The clothes…. oh the clothes. They totally make all the crazy love triangles, back stabbing, and dumb mistakes more manageable.




So the real question is… are you a Blair or a Serena?
PS I’m reconsidering my traditional sign off.
PPS The show is actually ridiculous… and I hate that I love it.
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Kelsey Odorczyk

LOL. Me and my dad are literally some of the least outgoing and closed people but we always commiserate over how no matter where we are, people find us and share everything I had no interest in knowing. Even if I'm reading with my headphones is. We must all just look receptive and friendly hahaha

Jenni Grace

Oh, Gossip Girl. I also have a love hate relationship with the show. I spent a good part of my free time last semester watching it on Netflix… It's an absurd show in the since that high school students rule the upper east side and go out partying way too often and have terrible relationships before they even hit junior year. I mean, jeez. When I first started watching it (my best friend is in love with it), I was confused and frustrated and thinking "are people really like this? where are their parents? what is going on?" As I watched more episodes I began to love it and now I hate that I love it. It's a terrible relationship.


I used to watch Gossip Girl but fell off the bandwagon during the second season because I always forgot to watch it. The books were always better than the show, though, so it wasn't much of a loss. I do love Blair's style though!



I love Gossip Girl but after the show ended, like 5 Gossip Girl Twitter accounts showed up for my school and that ruined it for me. It's a show for a reason.


I fell off the bandwagon right around when they went to college (and I did too!). Except… just like you, I started watching it on Netflix last fall! I watched every episode in a month. I think the silliness of the show was easy to overlook when you could instantly watch the next episode, rather than having to wait a week for it.

A Preppy State of Mind

I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan but I hardly ever have time for television. That being said, I never had the opportunity to watch every episode, so I'm also enjoying them on Netflix. The clothes are amazing and I also try to imagine Blair and Serena walking the streets every time I visit NYC. I'm definitely a fan of Blair more than Serena.



Totally agree with the clothes making the plot (or, I suppose, lack thereof) more manageable- I only managed to get through the first two seasons or so before I got too confused by all the love triangles to continue, but Blair's outfits every week kept me coming back. Her hair accessory collection alone was Amazing, capitalisation necessary. That and the painfully snappy soundtrack.

Emily Anderson

The styling on Gossip Girl is to die for. I think Blair's bows and headbands are some of the most iconic pieces for our generation.


I have just become actually ADDICTED to Gossip Girl! I try not to watch an episode a day!! It makes me want to move to NYC, when I get out of college, so much more! I am definitely a Blair, but have little bits of "serena" in me! Based on your blog, style, instagram, and twitter…I can totally tell you are such a Blair! Love Gossip Girl!!!! Ahhhh


If you want to go to every place… take the gossip girl TOUR! My friends and I did it in NYC a couple years ago now. Even my friends that live in the city enjoyed it!


I also love/hate Gossip Girl. I experience total shame when someone catches me enthralled by it, but I can't look away. It makes me want to buy completely impractical clothes to sleep/get dressed in (are those girls ALWAYS in lingerie???).

In the words of my male friend, "Everyone on this stupid show is so pretty."

Miss M

Gossip Girl is pretty entertaining. 🙂 I was waiting until the show finished to start season 5, so I guess Ic an start watching again.


me + gossip girl = match made in heaven! My roommates and I started a Monday night tradition in college where we would grab dinner and watch the show together. My husband (bless him!) continued it with me when we got married. Yes, the show is ridiculous but it is a good break from everyday! Please get to the last episode so we can discuss the choices made by the set designer for Blair's apartment


So I started getting sucked into this show when Style network began airing it in syndication a few months ago. Holy crap, I'm like you – I hate that I love it! I haven't watched it recently, but I'm sure I'll get caught back up on Netflix at some point.
I'd like to pretend style wise I'm a Blair (not really… sigh), but sometimes I identify with Serena!

carelessly graceful


When the show first started I always watched it, but then fell off the bandwagon. However, I always loved the clothes, especially Blairs style. I'm thinking about watching it again on Netflix just so I can find out who the actual Gossip Girl is!


Cardigans and Chai

Gossip Girl was an awful show, but I loved it. I really only liked it for Blair + Blair's clothes. And Chuck's bow ties. {I can't stand Serena.} I totally think you should dress up like Blair and run around New York visiting all the places that were in the show & take pics for your blog!


Love GG! I am a Blair in fashion for sure…. I actually started my love of GG with the books. I think the first one came out when I was in 8th grade. Never finished the series, but I probably read near half of them between middle school-early high school. Then I think I got too old for them, the writing style is for Young Adult. But I was super excited when I heard it was being picked up as a show! First season aired my first semester of college, freshman year. But I waited for the DVD and watched it marathon style. Continued waiting for the DVDs and later Netflix because I am not a big "TV person" either. I did watch the most recent season on TV though. Great series!


I too have recently been rewatching the series on Netflix! I've seen most of the show, except for the last season 🙁 I look a lot like Blake Lively so anything Serena wears I can automatically see me wearing. But that said, Blair does have some awesome dresses!


hahaa YES! I love Gossip Girl; I always feel a little ashamed when I tell people. I am definitely a Blair fan! She has flawless taste.


I want her WHOLE office!!! including the books on the shelves. from a design standpoint, absolutely gorgeous.


I do the exact same thing- throw it on in the background while I'm doing 'nothing' work, or cleaning or something. The clothes are TO DIE FOR!
I always wanted to be Serena because she always seems so carefree and rolls with the punches- but I definitely think my personality fits Blair's more! Oh, and the headbands!

Olivia Stieren

Also currently watching the show on Netflix, and I have a serious love/hate relationship with it. I'm a Serena, but I love Blair's style. Such a fantastic guilty pleasure!

Stephanie Bartolomé

I'm definitely a Blair. No doubt about it. We both think of our lives in terms of classic films…and tv in my case. I tend to scream, "I'm Blair Waldorf!" when I'm frustrated and need to compose myself. Gilmore Girls (GG, ha!) is my go-to for background noise, though.

I've always told people that the show is like german chocolate cake; good in small doses, but gross all at once.

There's a whole mess of locations lists on the web. Some are based on the books and others on the show. I keep walking by places and stop, stunned, because I'd seen it on the show.


I would definitely recommend the books! It's somewhat mindless reading, but there's definitely something about it that appeals to me even now, at 21. The show is amazing, and I love it, but it's overexaggerated and kind of over the top in a lot of cases. Blair in the book is a lot more realistic in her actions, and the books in general are just a lot more realistic. And the books especially made me want to live in NYC, it's almost like an additional character to the series.

And personally, my pick is Blair. Serena is a great character and I love her, but since the moment I started reading about her in, probably middle school, and every year since by book or show, I've always compared myself to her and used her as inspiration.


Amber McKinley

Gossip Girl is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, as well. The drama is so outrageous that it makes for a good watch.
Although I'd love to be as free-spirited as Serena, I definitely see myself as more of a Blair. She's beatiful, brunette, and her style is to die for!
xx – Amber


Oh my gosh I'm currently writing a post about this too! People seem to always spill their secrets to me. ALWAYS. I'm not sure why but I don't mind it 🙂 I keep all secrets loyally and love to listen to people's problems. I suspect that most people just need to speak up and have a good listener. I guess we give off that listener vibe?

Also, I'm pretty sure I kept watching Gossip Girl's later seasons only because of the fashion. I swear it got better and better with each season (while the story plot got worse and worse…)



I was a sophomore in high school when Gossip girl came on. I watched the first two episodes, and they lost me. But just this summer I have watched all 6 seasons!!! It was a guilty pleasure, and has inspired me to live or at least visit New York City.

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Julia D.

I like to think that I'm a bit of both?

I started watching the show right when it came out because it began the week I started a private school that shares eery similarities to Constance. As I graduated and grew up with the characters I kind of just kept watching for that sentimentality aspect. I fell off the wagon a couple times, but watched the last couple of seasons pretty consistently. Not going to lie I was a little disappointed by how it ended, but I won't ruin it for you in case you haven't got there yet.

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