Coach Legacy

Want to know my history with Coach?
I showed up to the first day of sixth grade wearing the most basic outfit from Gap Kids (denim skirt that came down to my knees and a simple white tee shirt) and a backpack. All of the seventh and eighth graders had cool American Eagle graphic tees (oh lord) and skinny ribbons around pony tails…. and purses.
Seriously, the thought of carrying a purse had never crossed my mind. I went home after the first day begging my mom for a purse. The details over what went down that night are blurry (PTSD?), but I do know this much: I went to school the next day carrying a black purse with multi-colored beaded flowers. Tacky. Yet, I loved having a handbag to carry all the necessities a 12 year old needs (school I.D., little Lip Rageous tubes, and five dollars… this was 2001 after all).
The more days that passed, the more I wanted another purse. I coveted a Coach handbag. They were oh-so-cool. I saved my babysitting money and then bought what I thought was the absolute perfect purse for $200, which was essentially a fortune as an eighth grader.
Then Prada bags were all the rage. Naturally. Like a month after I had a Coach. Go. Figure. I received a few as gifts after that and I have to admit that they got a lot of use.
Ready for some photo flashbacks?

I can’t find a picture of the bag I bought myself, but this is the handle of it at least!
I think this was the bag that everyone had freshman year. The bucket bag or something like that? Everyone had a different color combination and there was like a daisy keychain that I loved. Yep, so there was that one.

And then I borrowed this one from my mom pretty much permanently. (Also, so tan from my Florida coxing days.)
And then… Coach kind of fell out of style. Truthfully, they may very well have never been in style in the first place. And now they’re all into marketing efforts for bloggers and I really tried to resist the campaigns. But somewhere along the way I succumbed to it.
My mom carried a big Coach bag as a diaper bag when my sister and I were babies and it held up all those years of serious wear and tear. I think they’ve definitely pivoted back to the classics. I really do love a lot of the bags in the “Legacy” collection.
Did you have / Do you have a Coach bag? What do you think of the Legacy collection?

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Blake K.

I'm pretty sure I had that same bucket bag back in the day! Also I still love my Coach cross-body. It's perfect for traveling and casual going out- though I'm not a big fan of the "C"s all over it, they are somewhat subtle. This legacy collection I can get behind though!
xo, Blake


After years of thinking that C-printed fabric was the only type of Coach product, I recently jumped on the band wagon (brand wagon, if you will. Ha!)

I just purchased my first this month at an outlet mall while visiting Florida (see it here! http://ohjuliaann.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/new-bag-buzz/) and am currently loving it. I've worn it with both black denim and chambray and a professional suit, and it morphs to each occasion. If I were to buy one from the legacy collection, I'd go for one in a fab color, like the mini mini. The shade selection seems to be what sets Coach apart!

Here's hoping the new bag excitement continues!



I have a few bags (a little shoulder hobo and a huge tote I got for college graduation) but my favorite coach pieces were definitely the wristlets! I got one as a gift for high school graduation and fell in love – it was perfect for college!

Amy S.

Our stories are similar… loved Coach in middle school, it fell out of style (at least with me), but now I am considering Coach again. I desperately need a bag that can function almost like a briefcase and I am thinking the legacy collection might just be the ticket.

Alyssa Jean

For me, I have honestly been obsessed with Coach ever since I was in sixth grade. Granted, I'm a bit younger than you so maybe Coach was in style in 2005/2006 but I have always coveted and adored Coach from 2005 on. It may sound silly, but I've always admired the elegance and classic feel of Coach purses. I have quite a few purses, one black one with the C's and a red interior that I can't get enough of. The purses seem timeless and completely elegant to me. But that could just be me. Whatever it is, I love Coach and thanks for this post! 🙂

xoxo Alyssa Jean



When I was in junior high, 2003/2004, Coach was very popular. I remember when I got my first Coach bag, I was obsessed! Over the years I have found new designer bags that I my like a bit better, but my mom still loves Coach lol. I like the bags you picked out of the Coach legacy collection especially, the top zip satchel.


Emily Russell

Coach was the "cool thing" when I was an 8th grader/Freshman in high school. That was right around when they came out with their poppy collection, and I can recall many girls at my school carrying around the bags with the "bright c" pattern. My mom bought me a small coach handbag and wallet the summer before seventh grade that I still use on occasion, and I have a Coach Wristlet that I've used for homecoming/prom (Again, the Wristlets were such a fad about two years ago) Now that I'm getting ready to graduate HS, I've definitely outgrown the logo-laden coach purses, I find them tacky and showy. However, I do have a brown leather cross body Coach bag that was my Mom's in the 70s/80s. I love the simplicity of it and carry it often. I'm like you, definitely more into the classics!


I found Coach in college (mid to late 90s). It was still all-leather then, no tacky canvas logos, not made in America still but not yet made in China. That is what Coach will always be for me. Unfortunately I didn't choose wisely for my first Coach purchase, and got a day backpack that was all the rage then. Hardly used it because it wasn't my style. The rest of my purchases have come from ebay. The hobo looks tempting though.


Like you, I remember Coach being extremely popular in middle school and early high school (2001-2004). At the time, I couldn't really afford anything Coach, so I didn't have anything from them. It wasn't until later in high school that really got into Coach, but it was because of their shoe selection! I found that their shoes hold up extremely well, and are so comfortable. I have had Coach shoes for 5-6 years and they are still in great shape! When I started college, I started becoming more interested in their handbags. My all time favorite is this bag http://sequinsandpearls.blogspot.com/2012/10/unintentional-team-spirit.html) that I got at a consignment shop several years ago. Just like the shoes, it has held up so well over the years. Since that purchase, I have bought several leather bags and wristlets. Although the bags that are completely adorned withs C's are kind of tacky, IMO, their leather collection is fantastic! I love the bags you picked out from the legacy collection – classic shapes, and great colors.

My only thing about Coach that I don't like is that I think their outlet selection is made for outlets. You know how some brands make items specifically for the outlet stores? I think Coach is one of them. The outlets used to have a pretty nice Coach selection, but now it seems the quality just isn't the same. Disappointing.


I still carry my Coach bags with the CC logo all over it. They have held up since I bought them 3-4+ years ago, and I can't bring myself to let them go. Because if I sell them to Plato's closet, I'll only get $10 for them (even though they're in impeccable condition). And I can't donate them, that would be a waste. I could always give them to a friend, but then I feel like a part of me is missing. Sigh.
However, I do feel like having this brand all over the bag is a little tacky now that I'm 22 and a professional. I think I may need to invest in one of the ones you pictured, because they just look classic.

I think I'll just store them away and one day be able to tell my daughters about these cool vintage Coach bags I have.

carelessly graceful


wow! i am surprised at how much i like those! my love of coach has waned over the years because their branding is too much…but those bags are beautiful!


I wasn't aware that Coach bags were out of style.

Also, I'm stunned that people get designer bags in middle school. I had to wait until I was 16. My parents bought me a gorgeous small Coach for my birthday (similar to the one in picture #3, only darker). I'm glad my parents made me wait until I was old enough to appreciate the value of the bag.


I didn't receive a Coach bag until my 18th birthday and I'm so happy my parents waited to give me it! Those bags are expensive, and I don't know if I would've been able to take care of them well when I was a preteen.

I also think the thing about Coach "not being in style" anymore has to do with where you live. Here in the midwest, everyone still seems to carry them around. The ones that I see aren't the canvas ones with the logos though–they're usually simple and black or brown.


I have a bunch of Coach bags (self-professed purse addict over here!) and I'm LOVING the Legacy collection. I bought a few wristlets (a big LV purchase a few months ago has kept me from buying any of the all-leather bags) but I'm in love with the mini Tanner! I do like brighter colors though…if they come out with brighter colors later in the season, I may pick one up! The leather is completely sumptuous though…I can't stop touching my all-leather wristlet!



It's not in the legacy collection but I am obsessed with Coach's Madison Leather Lindsay Satchel. I travel often for work and feel this would be the perfect carry on/professional purse. I just cannot decide what color to get. Wish Coach would make it in a brown/black combo!


I have a leather coach kristin bag. I forget the exact name of it, but bought it a few years ago, and I don't use it as much now.

Caroline Heafey

Oh my God your 6th grade story is all too familiar for me. I remember buying myself a white leather coach clutch with butterflies on it and lots of pink embellishment. Can't say that that purchase gets a lot of use now. Love the Courtenay Hobo though!


Ahhh I had that same pink bag as you! Only mine was black. I saved up my money to buy it myself and treasured it. I still have both that bag and the Coach duffle I got for my 16th birthday. Looking back I wish I'd gotten the solid leather duffle, instead of the C pattern…hindsight is always 20/20, right?



I certainly remember when Coach bags were all the rage, and I still remember how in love I was with the purple signature C's one I received on my 16th birthday– the first "designer" bag I ever owned. Then I grew tired of them, they seemed tacky and way too trendy. But now I am fully in love with the Legacy collection. They really do look like the bags used to– my aunt has since given me one of her Coach clutches from years ago, and the Legacy collection now has a style that resembles it very closely. Great to see Coach becoming more classic again, back to their roots 🙂


I was just thinking the other day that I wished the Coach logo print was still in style! I LOVE the Legacy collection though… they remind me of vintage Coach bags (which I still love).


I absolutely love this collection! The Candace carryall is my favorite. They make it in the most bright yellow color and the shape is just stunning. It's true, I saved up for a white polka dot coach bag in junior high for $300 and my classmates thought I was crazy. Most thought it was fake and didn't believe I carried a real Coach bag around but I loved it so much. All of the polka dots were different colors and it was the smallest shoulder bag, perfect for a jr. high or high schooler. But just like you mentioned, Coach sort of fell to the wayside. I thought my style might have just evolved and Coach was no longer cool, I'm not really sure but I do know that I adore this new collection. So sleek and professional.


The legacy line is definitely my favorite from over the years. It's such a nice, clean aesthetic, no overbearing logos – pretty much perfection. I was seriously considering buying the candace carryall when it was on super sale at bloomies after Christmas but ultimately decided to go with something else. I still think it's a great bag though.


i so know what you mean about middle school and needing a purse! i pretty much ran home after school the first and begged my dad to get me one. i cringe every time i think of that hideous purse, but it was in style then.
i adore the new coach legacy line and the coach classic line. i have the candace carryall. i love it but wish it had an extra strap like the mini tanner because i like to be able to wear it as a cross body since i always have too many things in my hands. it is also much heavier than i thought it would be. but it is beautiful and classic. my boyfriend likes it enough that he wont complain if he has to carry it.
i really want to get a few more different coach bags. i really like the large candace carryall, i want it to put my laptop in! and the small cross body bags are really cute too! (make sure you like them on facebook and are registered on their website because sometimes they offer discounts. i got my bag 25% off.)

Rachel Braman

Pretty much obsessed with Coach since High School – I even cataloged all my pieces, #nerdalert. Now that I'm getting older my tastes are changing, but in the end there is nothing like a Coach Classic!!

Angela Duke

YES! My mom has carried the classic Coach bags for my whole life, and I used to hate them, but now that I'm older I LOVE them! I even borrowed my mom's soft briefcase for interviews/internship. So classic. You can even find older inexpensive classics on Etsy that still look phenomenal!

Deonnah Davis

Ha! Loved the "throwback" pictures! Yes, at least your purses had class to them! I went through the stage of see through plastic ones, the gel type box shaped ones, ones that were like satchels with sequins on them! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! My mother had great bags though.. Anything from Louis Vs and Kate spades! Some of them are still in great condition and I carry some of them now! I love going through my mom's closet for those classic pieces!

Amber McKinley

Ha! This is great, at least your bags were cute, though! My go to bag through middle school was an XOXO brand bag that was meant to look like the rainbow and white Loius Vuitton "LV" bag. It was heinous.
Also, that mint Mini Tanner is to die for! I love it!
xx – Amber


I have more coach bags then I would like to admit. I still use some of them (the classic ones with out the logo all over the place). I also use my wristlets on a fairly regular basis. I do like the legacy collection. I love their leather bags.


I am most certainly not a fan of the canvas "C" patterns. When I think of Coach, I think of quality leather; therefore, the two bags I have are both black leather. I think they are greatly versatile and beautiful. They make me feel like a "grown up" (as opposed to a teenager with cheap purses from Forever 21, Target, etc.)

Ali Angeline

I am so glad you did a post of Coach! I have been wondering lately, what exactly happened to the brand everyone obsessed over? I have quite a collection of Coach bags, and although some are absolutely under no circumstances ever going to be used again, I do still use some of my special ones. I have a Madison bag in purple, which still makes an appearance every once in a while, as well as a large madison cross body and a floral print carry-all. I have considered retiring these bags, but it seems a bit silly to quit using a perfectly beautiful bag just because the brand Coach, itself isn't "in style."

Lea Anne

Does Coach have a new creative director or something? Because I have not even thought about that brand in YEARS and then all of a sudden in 2012 I started coveting their stuff again! They've definitely made a comeback for the better.

Julia D.

I never had one, just because I didn't particularly like them, but they've really stepped it up with the Legacy collection. I love the Candace carryall!